Survivor Round Table: "Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All"

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On last night's episode of Survivor: Nicaragua we were treated (tormented?) to one of the most explosive and controversial tribal councils in Survivor history.  Our review covered most of the drama, but with so much going on we needed to pose questions to the Survivor Round Table writers. 

Was Shannon's tribal council actions riveting television or horrifying to our virgin ears?  Not to be outdone, which currently crazy female, Holly or NaOnka, will go further?  What did you make of Jill's decision to reveal the location of the hidden immunity idol?

We're also looking forward to hearing what our readers have to think about tribal council and all of the other drama that took place this week.

Shannon's tribal council antics - Love 'em or loathe 'em?

Quiet Pool: Any time you come off looking worse than Probst at tribal, I'm gonna have to say loathe.

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Kakdaddy: Absolutely hate it.  What a sucky human being.  It obviously made great TV and made me say "wow" a number of times to myself, but that was only because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Sadly I fear that Naonka will ultimately trump him in "no you didn't..." points by the end of the season.  When Jeff asks you if you are crazy in your first tribal council and no one on your tribe disagrees....B!#%$, you're crazy!

Lady Gaga: WOW. Boy was I wrong about picking him to go all the way to the end. I'm going with loathe. While it made for an interesting tribal coucil, he sounded very immature and has obviously not spent much time outside of Louisiana. I can't believe how naive he is and how he basically offended everyone on his tribe in some way.

Mr. Probst: Absolutely loved it.  Is there anything better than watching an over confident, arrogant bigot melt down on national television and be booted off of Survivor in the process?  I know everyone says they have their mind made up going into tribal council, but the vote was 7-3 against Shannon, so someone clearly changed their mind at tribal.

Who will make it further, Holly or NaOnka?

Quiet Pool: Apparently Holly has Coach Jimmy Johnson on her side, so smart money is on NaOnka.

Kakdaddy: Probably Naonka only because she'll keep fighting and sits on the numbers side of an alliance war.  Too many people will probably be on the chopping block first unless she crazy explodes on everyone.  If the older tribe loses once or twice its very likely Holly will be one of the first casualties.  Regardless of what does happen, one thing has become abundantly clear: the producers of this show LOADED up on crazy this season.

Lady Gaga: Nay, I think that as soon as Espada loses it will be a unanimous decision that Holly needs to leave. However, both are absolutely crazy and I much prefer watching Holly's antics vs. Nay who is way too combative.

Mr. Probst: Although it looks more grim for Holly, personalities like NaOnka have a way of irritating everyone around them, even their allies.  I can't imagine how NaOnka survives the next time the La Flor tribe goes to tribal council. 

Should the La Flor tribe be worried about Kelly B's physical disability?

Quiet Pool: I'd be more worried about her ability to stir things up.  She's one of the main reasons Shannon went home.

Kakdaddy: Absolutely not.  First of all there is no way she would pass the ridiculous screening process to get on the show if anyone thought she couldn't handle it.  Secondly, the girl is clearly tough just from watching the first two shows.

Lady Gaga: Absolutely not. She did very well in the challenge and is a very fit and strong competitor. I think she will do very well in challenges.

Mr. Probst: In a roundabout way, yes.  She's getting targeted in the beginning of the game because she's going to get sympathy votes at the end?  As absurd as that is, the tribe is considering voting out one of its best competitors because she has a prosthetic, but not because it affects her in challenges.  Incredible.

Can the Espada tribe win a challenge without the Medallion of Power?

Quiet Pool: As long as Jimmy Johnson can teach them all the hook and latter, or maybe a fumblerooski, they can win any challenge.

Jimmy Johnson Organizes the Tribe

Kakdaddy: Without a doubt.  Survivor challenges are so varied that at least some can be anyone's to win.

Lady Gaga: Unlikely. The advantage the medallion provides is quite significant. Besides La Flor almost was able to win the challenge, or I should say, they caught up quickly and then had a small melt down. As Jeff said, the lead was lost within minutes.

Mr. Probst: You know that Survivor will role out some dumb bowling challenge or something that requires little physical and mental ability to give them a chance.  Not only will they win a challenge, I bet the beat the Medallion of Power in a challenge as well.

Was Jill's decision to tell Marty and Dan how she decoded the hidden immunity idol clue smart?

Quiet Pool: Probably.  What are the chances that she actually used it correctly if she found it herself?  This way she might have made a couple friends that have some power in the game.

Kakdaddy: I thought it was smart.  If it turns out that Marty and Dan become a tight strong alliance with her that could be a huge powerplay move.  She might not have been able to find it herself so she enlisted the help of the guy she trusted most. 

Lady Gaga: Yes, I think it was actually a really good move. Marty, Dan and Jill will have a secret alliance that no one suspects and the other tribe members won't find out that they have the idol until it's too late.

Mr. Probst: How can giving up the hidden immunity idol ever be a good idea?  She had the perfect chance to find it on her own.  Everyone else was distracted by the wrong interpretation of the clue.  While they were lost, she easily could have grabbed the idol and hung on to it until later in the game without anyone knowing.

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