Venture Brothers Review: "Pomp & Circuitry"

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While I am excited that we are finally getting to see the rest of the season four episodes, I have to admit that this week’s episode, ""Pomp & Circuitry," while enjoyable as a whole, felt a bit disjointed.

First off, who knew Hank would make such an awesome S.P.H.I.N.X. spy? It was nice to see he actually has gotten some skills from Brock with all the traveling they did together.  However, I am glad that Hank is not running off to S.P.H.I.N.X. just yet. I think Dean would be a bit lost without him.

Waking Up to Shore Leave

I will now always worry if I put a toaster, a shoe, and files in the same drawer. Seeing what Phantom Limb was able to do with those was either pure genius or pure madness (maybe a bit of both.). I am constantly reminded how incredible the writing staff is at taking pop-culture icons and applying a real life to them. Seeing Prof. Impossible as a recluse and broken down because of personal issues was both sad and funny at the same time.

As to feeling disjointed, I felt almost like we were nearly watching three different episodes that were cut together. While I will admit the Hank/SPHINX plot started off connected to Dr. Venture and Dean plot, the Phantom Limb plot had no attachment to the rest of the episode.  In fact, the only connection I could make was the last line of the episode after the science center was blown up by Phantom Limb and Dr. Venture said, “It wasn’t me this time.”

And what was with the council of 13? We saw them discussing replacing #8 since he merged with #3 and then not another peep except for a “movement” joke. I will be honest and say that if there was a reason/joke for the brief visit to them, I did not see it at all.

What did you think of the episode? Where you glad to see Hank back in his old haircut?

Pomp & Circuitry Review

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You're lucky you were not on duty when he had a conjugal visit with a freaking shoe.


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