Warehouse 13 Review: "When and Where"

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In the wake of last week’s game-changing development of H.G. Wells being added as an agent, this episode gave us a look at what kind of toys she brings to the game, as she shows off her fabled time machine in "When and Where."

Myka and Pete are no strangers to chasing artifacts. They are, however, strangers to 1961 where they ended up thanks to Wells (let's call her "Helena" from now on) sending their consciousness back in time. All the little nods to the 60s were great. To wit:

Myka getting called “Doll” and “Sweetheart," Roxanne saying “jeepers” when she was scared, and nearly everyone was smoking. The whole thing had a little bit of a Back to the Future feel to it and made me giggle several times.

Back in Time

I also really liked that paradoxes were not possible in this type of time travel. No matter how hard you tried, you wouldn't change the past.

Granted, Myka and Pete did not put this fully to the test, but as we saw in the end, everything happened as it had originally. There was a small nod to the paradox effect with Rebecca remember waking up with Jack kissing her and, in reality, she had kissed him first because she went back to see him one last time.

Speaking of Rebecca, this is the second character in two weeks from season one that has been revisited and killed off. Last week it was Pete and Myka’s former boss, this week Rebecca shows up dying of cancer. While I enjoy that the writers are tying in characters from previous episodes, it would be nice if one could show up and not die.

Did Helena scare anyone else a little tonight? Her brief look of insanity when she was remembering what she had done to her daughter’s killer really had me worried she was going to slip off the deep end. Thankfully, she pulled it back together and was able to save Myka and Pete.

So, I understand that this is the thirteenth warehouse that has been created. As Helena pointed out, she was apprenticed at Warehouse 12. I also noticed the items from the “H.G. Wells section” had “Warehouse 12” stamped on them. I wonder if we will ever get a full history of all of the different warehouses and why the closed down and/or how much stuff got left behind.

Next week's installment deals with Warehouse 2, so maybe I will get a few answers then. This will also be part one of the two-part season finale and I think we are in for one helluva ride over the next two episodes.

What did you think of "When and Where?" Is there a time period you would like to travel too for 22 hours and 19 minutes?

When and Where Review

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