Bones Review: Eureka! A Gathering of Guidos!

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If you aren't familiar with Jersey Shore, this may not have struck a chord with you, as much of the hour was devoted to basically a single running joke and guest star overacting.

If you do watch Jersey Shore, however, "The Maggots in the Meathead" made for a hilarious episode of Bones. Emily Deschanel must've had a dozen laugh-out-loud one-liners.

Hey, if that one joke is funny, just run with it. When the remains of a muscle-bound Jersey-ite wash up at the shore, it's Temperance who inadvertently proves how hip she is.

Bones at the Shore

Watching Brennan anthropologically analyze Jersey Shore? High comedy.

Believing she was watching a documentary, Brennan apparently has studied the "Guido Tribe" on reality TV, becoming familiar with their customs, mating rituals and lingo.

Her blunt delivery and emotionless, overly-scientific analysis of all things Jersey Shore made the case of Richard Genaro, a.k.a. "Richie the V," all the more entertaining.

The case was actually fairly complex, which we appreciated on top of the episode's liberal doses of humor, and despite many more obvious suspects, the Ice Man did it.

That's not a Jersey Shore-style nickname. It was the ice delivery guy.

His beef was that the guidos at the club Richie frequented stole his ice and messed with him every delivery. He snapped and used his ice-crushing bat to crush Richie's skull.

A twist came when the delivery guy, Clinton, thought he was killing Richie's roommate, but accidentally killed Richie ... since they wear the exact same Ed Hardy shirts, natch.

It's too bad The Situation couldn't guest star, but he might as well have. The guidos' lines were all reminiscent of The Situation quotes, and Brennan's exchanges with them were classic.

Deschanel's brilliance can't be overstated this week, as every reference to guido "dance rituals" and "ornate costumes" was priceless, as were her many translations for Booth.

We were as speechless as the rest of the team when she threw in a "Sup? Yo!" Amazing stuff. Her going into crab mode to intimidate Richie's roommate? Beyond description.

Her detective work alone would've made the night a winner, but what made it even better were some of the more personal looks and exchanges between Booth and Brennan.

Booth and Hannah are (gulp) moving in together. This obviously causes conflict for our dear Temperance, but when she helped Hannah with her housewarming gift, it was so sweet.

Hannah Burley Picture

What is the show's endgame for Hannah and Booth?

Even as she helps Hannah grow closer to Booth in a sense, it's clear how much she wants to be in her shoes, even if Brennan can't show or vocalize it like a normal person.

Telling Hannah to be careful with Booth's heart made her feelings as clear as ever. How long until she's out of the picture? Hannah and Booth only seem to be getting closer.

We give the writers due credit for drawing this one out. Booth does seem happy with Hannah, but her arrival has to be the catalyst that finally leads him to Brennan ... right?

The look they Booth and Brennan shared at the end of the episode was a real heartbreaker, as was when Booth thanked Hannah and they both replied "You're welcome."

Sometimes just two words, or even just a look, say it all. We really feel for Brennan, who knows she let him get away, and can't wait to see this develop in coming weeks.

Finally, Angela's pregnancy is out of the bag. Cam figured it out first, then she spilled to Booth and Hannah, although they still don't know that Hodgins knows they know.

Did that make sense? Basically, it's going to get really awkward once he breaks the new and it's not actually a secret anymore. We just hope Fisher doesn't yawn during it.

What did you think of last night's Bones? What was your favorite Jersey Shore reference? Will Brennan and Booth get together this season? Discuss below!

The Maggots in the Meathead Review

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Bones Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Brennan: One thing, Hannah. I want you to be sure about this.
Hannah: The phone?
Brennan: No, although I understand the misunderstanding. No, about you and Booth moving in together. Booth will give himself to you completely … and it would be very painful for him if you aren't as serious about the relationship as he is.
Hannah: I am. But thanks, though. You're a good friend, Temperance. Seeley is very lucky.

Oh, whoa! Okay! Maggot! Right on the leg. Right there. Can I squash him, or does Hodgins have to interrogate him?