No Ordinary Family Review: A Curse or a Blessing?

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Looks like the Powells aren’t the only undercover supernaturals in town.

We knew that Dr. King was aware of the one incident a few episodes back, but we didn’t know he was creating superhumans in bulk. How is he doing this? I bet JJ could find out. Jim, you sure you want your son covering up his powers at a time like this?

JJ and Dad

A lot of lessons were learned this week on "No Ordinary Quake." To wit:

The powers are turning out to be a little bit more of a curse than they are a help. Daphne’s getting teachers records marked, JJ is getting it from all ends, Jim had a one-on-one with another superhuman and Stephanie is probably in more danger with Dr. King than she realizes.

Meanwhile, a life was saved this week thanks to Jim and JJ using their powers to work together. Finally, Stephanie also uses her scientist brain to discover the truth about JJ. If Katie and JJ work together to keep decrypting these codes, Stephanie is bound to find out why they have the powers they possess. On another positive note: No fighting for Jim and Stephanie this week!

While Stephanie did warn Daphne that a teacher having an affair with a student was a heavy accusation, I do believe Daphne reported it thinking she was doing something good. It’s not like the teacher's thoughts made it known that Olivia’s mother was actually the mistress.

It was refreshing to see one of the Powells turn off their power for a change, as JJ took a near ‘be-heading’ because of it. I’ll admit, Katie’s line about JJ coming up positive for pregnancy was funny. His poor teammate, what a way to find out your girlfriend is pregnant.

Seems like Dr. King is the creator of these superhumans. Are they his personal experiments, or is he using them for something specific? Rebecca didn’t seem like she was a willing participant to be given these powers.

What do you think TV Fanatics? Are the extraordinary Powell powers more a curse than they are a blessing?

No Ordinary Quake Review

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Daphne: But Mr. Robins is her teacher!
Megan: In more ways than one, I guess.

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