Survivor Round Table: "Pulling the Trigger"

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We killed the Survivor: Nicaragua contestants in our review for failure to keep their mouths shut and our Survivor Round Table writers will not be pulling their punches either. 

Will Marty be able to lead Espada to a victory?  Can NaOnka get out of her own way?  Should Dan's physical limitations trump Jimmy T's grating personality?

We hope to hear from our readers as well on how this season has gone so far.

You're on the Espada tribe.  Do you vote for Dan or Jimmy T?

Kakdaddy: I vote for Jimmy T.  He just couldn't let it go and I guarantee there are dozens of scenes that weren't shown on the episode where he was going on for the millionth time about wanting a shot at leading a challenge.  The guy was a train wreck and I think they are better off without him.  Only time will tell if thats true, but if I was on the Espada tribe I would have been at my wits end with the guy and would have voted for him regardless of that fact.

Survivor RT

Quiet Pool: I vote for Dan's bad knees.  Jimmy T is the only one bringing any entertainment to Espada.  Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Lady Gaga: Yes, definitely get Jimmy T out of there. As a home viewer, no, Dan is the obvious choice as he has not done a thing in any challenge.

Mr. Probst: Since I'm on the Espada tribe, I know that Dan can barely walk around camp, more or less compete at challenges.  My stupid tribemates need to simply deal with Jimmy T's annoying personality (and it's brutal) and vote Dan out.  He's a non-contributing zero.

Medallion of Power: Fun Twist or Too Much Impact?

Kakdaddy: I like the strategic aspect of it, but using it really means you win oryou truly suck if you don't win.  I'm guessing the medallion was added so that truly awful tribes at least have a chance to win a couple of challenges making the game more interesting.  If the older tribe wins the next challenge then they would have won twice when they probably would be blanked at this point without it.  I personally don't want to see a cakewalk to the merge.

Quiet Pool: How about neither?  La Flor would be winning without the use of the Medallion.  All it does is add to this smoke show.

Lady Gaga: Too much impact. The advantage is so great, that the other team really doesn't have a chance when it is in play.

Mr. Probst: With just one challenge per episode, it is having too much impact.  We need to see teams debate using it during a reward challenge and then have to suffer the consequences of it being played against them in an immunity challenge for it to be interesting.  You know one of these tribes will be starving and foolishly decide to use it during a reward challenge that features food.

Will Marty lead Espada to victory with his leadership threats out of the way?

Kakdaddy: The medallion of power's advantage might...  Seriously though, that tribe is going to have trouble winning almost any challenge.  Good luck Marty.

Jimmy Johnson on Survivor

Quiet Pool: No matter how much I enjoy Marty's game play so far, nothing is bringing this sorry excuse of old geezers to victory.  Once he makes the merge though?  Watch out!

Lady Gaga: Marty will definitely run Espada, if it stays the current Espada tribe. They are either merging or re-assigning the tribes next week.

Mr. Probst: He won't, but I'm not sure he even wants to.  All he wants is for his alliance to be in control so he can vote out people who are not going to vote for him in the final.  That's why he orchestrated the removal of the tribe leader and then an actual challenge presence over someone useless.

Are you enjoying this season's episodes with fewer challenges and more camp scenes?

Kakdaddy: No, but thats only because of NaOnka.  I've seriously considered turning off my TV at multiple times the past two episodes.  I can't watch many more moments of her.  She is a bully and an awful human being.

Quiet Pool: Absolutely not!  There's only so much camp I can take.  Give me some reward challenges that allow the survivors to stuff their face with delicious food, and I'm a happy guy.

Lady Gaga: No, NaOnka is an uneducated witch. The fewer scenes with her, the better. Aside from Tyrone, there are very few people I actually like thus far.

Mr. Probst: We needed this format for the last two seasons of Survivor when the people we were watching were more interesting.  Watching NaOnka bully someone with one leg and Jimmy T run on...and on...and on...and on about getting a chance in the challenges is brutal.

How long will La Flor put up with NaOnka's abuse of Kelly B?

Kakdaddy: Seems like her place is secure.  I'll say at least through the next couple immunity challenges, but I'm guess she gets to the merge.

Kelly S and NaOnka

Quiet Pool: Have we witnessed them complaining much?  Maybe they don't know how awful NaOnka actually is.  It seems like she's doing the most damage on the audience at this point.

Lady Gaga: NaOnka will eventually just exhaust everyone in her tribe with her attitude. I predict that by the third time she goes to tribal, she will be voted out.

Mr. Probst: You can predict the scene at camp the next time La Flor loses an immunity challenge.  NaOnka's alliance initially talks about voting off Alina.  Then Kelly B and Jud start talking to Chase and Purple Kelly about how horrible of a person NaOnka is.  They can't stand her personality or how she's treating Kelly B and convince Brenda and Benry to get rid of NaOnka because they'll still have a numbers advantage after she's gone. 

Has NaOnka's verbal abuse of Kelly B gone too far?

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