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After the tribal council where Jimmy Johnson was voted out, the Gods’ must not be pleased with Espada’s decision and punishes the older tribe with a heavy rain storm.  Excited to try and fill the leadership role, Jimmy T tries to buoy his team’s spirits with a rousing rendition of a Tom Petty song.  Unfortunately for the tribe, his singing cannot fall on deaf ears and they are forced to listen to his struggling singing.

Despite the win, life is no more harmonious at the La Flor camp as NaOnka the bully continues to attack Kelly B with an unrelenting bloodlust.  Despite already having the immunity idol, NaOnka stalks Kelly B and Alina as they try to find the hidden immunity idol near the location of tree mail.  Attempting to intimidate the pair, NaOnka disrupts their searching and proceeds to berate Kelly B for no apparent reason.

Back at the Espada camp, they have deciphered the tree mail clue to indicate that they will participate in some version of a traditional Survivor challenge: vocal cues for blindfolded teammates.  With Tyrone as their nominated vocal leader and an afternoon of practicing under their belt, Espada is confident heading into the dual immunity/reward challenge.  However, La Flor uses the Medallion of Power and easily defeats their older counterparts.

Frustrated by their second straight loss in an immunity/reward challenge, Jimmy T begins to speak his mind back at camp…and seemingly never stops.  He tries to talk to anyone about anything, but primarily focuses on the desire to get a chance to lead the team in a challenge.  His strategy backfires as the tribe can no longer stand his antics and vote him out despite Dan being a weaker competitor.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 4 Quotes

All you gotta do with Jimmy T is give him a little bit of rope and he'll hang himself from the nearest branch.


This game tries your patience in so many different ways.