The Event Review: "Casualties of War"

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The writers gave us more than mere action and suspense on this week's installment of The Event. They carefully created intricate storylines that draw numerous characters in.

Case in point: tefore the end of the episode, Sean and Leila are surprisingly reunited in "Casualties of War."

Casualties of War Scene

For some reason, I thought that the show would take longer with this plot, making the search for Leila a main storyline for Sean, but I'm happy to say I was mistaken. If you read any of our exclusive spoilers with Jason Ritter, you would know that the writers have many other things planned.

I love that Sean no longer looks like a crazy person to Collier. She trusted him enough to give him her gun when he went into the police station to search for Leila. Now that they have her, do you think it will be easy for them to prove they are somehow involved in a crazy conspiracy? It doesn't look like either of them know why they, out of all people, were targets. I do believe that either Leila or Sean know more than what meets the eye.

When Collier told the agent that she wants to learn everything, I cringed. Something bad's going to happen here. This guy is an assassin and will likely escape. They should have left him behind so Vicky could take care of him. He knows it was Vicky that caused this situation to make a turn for the worse.

We also learned that Vicky's son really isn't her biological son, but she loves him more than life itself. Do you think Vicky's mom knows that the child really isn't her biological grandson and that her daughter is an assassin?

Personally, I can't get to the bottom of Thomas' intentions. You can tell that Sophia doesn't fully trust Thomas and by the looks of it, neither does Agent Lee. We know something will happen if all the detainees get out, but what? Will they all just go back to where they came from, or do that want something to happen here?

The scene with Thomas and the President going back and forth reminded me of an old Western showdown. I knew that one would have to budge, and was shocked to see them come to an agreement.

If Thomas is powerful enough to get all the passengers on the plane sick and at a point of death, why isn't he able to get the President sick? Or, better yet, just take down all the guards at the detainment center? There's obviously a reason why he's only able to target the passengers. What could be?

I still am not sure exactly what Sophia, Agent Lee, Thomas, and the other detainees are. From the flashback, we learned that they are much more advanced than humans. Could they be humans from the future? This could be explained by Darwin's Theory of Evolution and why their genetics are different then ours.

I still believe that Blake is the head of the assassins. He will stop at nothing to keep the country safe, even if it means a few hundred innocent casualties. What else could Blake be hiding from the President?

The episode ended with Sophia being the only detainee let out to meet with Thomas. She boards a train and then the credits roll. I want to believe that Sophia is good, but for whatever reason, I do not trust her. Yeah, she's better than Thomas, but can she really be trusted? Wasn't she the one to put the order in to kill the detainee who wanted to talk?

The only alien/other life form that I do trust is Agent Lee. He has been a straight up guy from the beginning. Hopefully, he will continue to be on our side.

Overall, I remain intrigued by this show. Each week, we learn a new clue and everything is moving at a very fast pace. I can't wait to see what happens with Sophia and Thomas and what ramifications Vicky will be in for letting their hostage go.

Casualties of War Review

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I'm sick of waiting, now we're going to do things my way and by tomorrow, our people will be free.


Mr. President, I don't need to hear your excuses release Sophia and the other detainees otherwise, people will die.