Venture Brothers Review: "The Silent Partners"

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We witnessed the death of King Gorilla and the elevation of Billy Quizboy to full fledge Doctor on this installment of Venture Brothers.

I'm a little sad that "The Silent Partners" featured the former. To be fair, King Gorilla has been dying from lung cancer for awhile. But I do have to say that having The Investors reach in and take his still beating heart was a bit more of a surprise than I was expecting.

R.I.P. King, may you find happiness in your memories of Vince Neil.

Vampires Attack

On the flipside, Billy Quizboy is now Billy Quizboy PhD. as Monstroso helped him become a legal doctor so he could do his heart transplant.

Speaking of hearts, now that Monstroso has King Gorilla’s heart, I wonder if the writers will have Monstroso pickup any of King’s behaviors, quirks, etc.? It could be a cool way to have King live on a little.

I was surprised that the only sign we saw of the Venture Brothers was them peeking in on Hatred as he was watching Pete White. The sad part is that I didn’t even realize that Hank, Dean, and Rusty were not in the episode until I started this review. To be fair, the show has such a large cast of great characters it’s pretty easy for it to have a solid episode without the guys.

This week’s episode also marked the beginning of a small hiatus before the one hour season finale airs in November. It feels like the second half of this season just got started and we're already near the end. Why do good things always go so quickly?

The Silent Partners Review

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Monstroso: Let me tuck you in. Is that too tight?
Billy: There is no blood getting to my face.

Pirate Captain: We grow our own pot and legalize the gay marriage.
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