Ally Walker Interview: Insight into Agent Stahl

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Ally Walker was not meant to stick around Sons of Anarchy.

She was only signed for a trio of season one episodes, but I assume I speak for all fans of this FX drama when I say it made the right decision in keeping the actress on board as Agent Stahl. She's the epitome of a character viewers love to hate, as Walker gave us insight into Stahl on a conference call with reporters this week. Excerpts are below.

Stahl and Gemma

Does Stahl have a moral compass?
I had to sort of understand that whatever worked for her in a moment was how I was was going to go. That really is a sociopath, whatever works for her.  So she's kind of like this wonderful little actress.  At least that's what I like to think... I just made everything, anything that was to her advantage..  She could turn on a dime, and I really like that.

How has Stahl evolved?
In the beginning, I said, “Look guys, I'm on the side of right.  You guys aren’t.”  I think the way that I sort of painted the character is that everything that she's doing is for the right outcome.  If you really look at her reasoning behind everything, the problem with her is her own ego has gotten in her way, and now it's all about June.

It's not about doing the right thing anymore.  It's about, "I'm going to beat you at your own game."  In that respect, she lowers herself.  But I think in her mind, she's always right.

What is the cast like?
The guys are really funny.  Ron Perlman is hilarious, and Katey and I gab about where to go get facials.  It's like really normal and funny.  It's a good group of guys.  Very sweet group of boys.  I love the boys.  They're great. 

Why didn't Stahl mourn Hale's death?
I don’t think she cared for him.  She thought he was an idiot.  I mean, really, if you look at the character, there's only those who can do for “June” and those who can't.

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