Bones Spoilers Galore: A Marriage Proposal, Dueling Snipers, Emotional Brennan, Friction With Hannah and ... Newman!

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Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan loves teasing us. How else can you explain this: “There will be a proposal coming, probably during February Sweeps,” he tells EW.

“It is my mission to torture the fans with this one. There will be a proposal. It will be a real proposal. And it will move things forward in a way I think the fans will like.”

Who who is it? Sweets and Daisy? Cam and Paul? Booth and Hannah?

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Just kidding. It couldn't possibly be, based on Nathan's "way I think the fans will like" quote. Also, in the December 2 episode, she tries to warm up to his son Parker, even though she's not good with kids. We just don't see this lasting long-term.

Then there's this: Nathan calls the December 9 installment “our biggest emotional episode we’ve ever done with Booth and Brennan.” That's when Bones helps solve the murder of a brilliant female doctor who she’s convinced is exactly like her.

When she looks at the victim’s photo, she sees herself, and hears her own voice when listening to the woman's recordings. ”It’s all told from Brennan’s point-of-view,” Nathan says, and it leads to an epiphany from Brennan about how she lives her life.

Read on for many more intriguing Bones spoilers ...

The parallels Temperance draws from the case lead her "to do something she never thought she would do in her relationship with Booth," which causes friction with Hannah.

“There’s something there that Hannah and Brennan have to contend with. Without giving anything away, I think what’s been the best for us and for the show has been the relationship that’s developed between Hannah and Brennan," says Nathan.

Any theories on what she does and what the friction consists of?

Of the women in Booth's life, Nathan continues, "They’ve become actual real friends, so no matter how difficult it is for Brennan to see Booth and Hannah together, she doesn’t hold it against Hannah. Her rational and logical mind tells her this is not Hannah’s fault."

“So their relationship is a very healthy and very mature relationship between two very strong women, rather than a relationship between two high school girls who are vying for the same guy, or a guy who’s caught awkwardly between two women."

Well, at least for the time being ...

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"Hannah’s only jealous of Booth’s professional relationship with Brennan because they get to do all this kind of dangerous stuff that Hannah misses from being a war correspondent. All of that is growing to an ultimate shift in the series.”

As for the much anticipated sniper story arc, David Boreanaz directed the January 20 episode in which sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (guest star Arnold Vosloo, who’s signed for three episodes) takes out a recurring character on the show.

“It's great in that Booth, being a sniper, has to confront another sniper who has taken what Booth considers to be a difficult but somewhat noble profession and perverted it,” Nathan says. “Booth always felt that he was doing the right thing."

"Now somebody else is doing something horrible for all the right reasons in their mind. They’ve justified this. So it’s a great character examination for Booth to have to confront.”

Meanwhile, Look for Angela to be showing a little baby bump before the end of 2010, and then get “considerably larger” in February as baby Hodgins' due date draws closer.

”We love this story line because it allows us to do deal with a couple who are kind of our most normal couple in a mix of very bizarre and eccentric people,” Nathan says.

Finally, regarding this week's episode, Nathan is giddy.

Not because of huge shifts in the overarching Bones narrative, but because Wayne Knight guest stars and human remains are discovered in the world’s largest chocolate bar.

“It’s so delightfully revolting,” Nathan says. “We do try to outdo ourselves from week-to-week. It was a rather unique body find. We try to make them as accurate as possible. What would actually happen if this were the case. This one turned out to be so, so gross."

We can't wait. Well, for everything but that last item ...

Read Entertainment Weekly's full interview with Nathan!

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