Chuck Versus the Leftovers: Round Table Discussion

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This week on Chuck, Volkoff stopped by for Thanksgiving and Mama Bartowski (pretty much) proved  herself to be on the side of good.

What else went down? How did our Round Table panelists feel about various developments on "Chuck Versus the Leftovers?" Find out now...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Dr. Toboggan: I have to go with Morgan's "yipee ki yay," followed by his reaching for a gun taped too low on his back for him to reach.

Dan F.: I'll go with Volkoff proclaiming "Kids love me!" There is not much funnier than an evil mastermind wanting to be loved by kids.

Eric H.: I have to give it to Sarah Connor, err Mama B, for: "Come with me if you want to live."

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The second villain this season stopped by the power of love: Cheesy even by Chuck standards?
Dr. Toboggan: I have learned that nothing is too cheesy for Chuck, you just have to roll with it and assume the real CIA operates in a pretty similar manner.

Dan F.: Cheesy, of course. Unexpected? Not at all.  Other than the Intersect, love is the most powerful thing in the Chuck Universe.

Eric H.: Well, when one-third of my viewing party (out of three) walks out on the episode, you know it's gotta be a little cheesy. But, somehow, Timothy Dalton manages to play a ridiculously good, twisted evil mastermind with a softside.

Give your best guess for Volkoff's movie in Charades.
Dr. Toboggan: I was going to guess Bourne Identity, but I feel like that's not right, so I'll go with Bourne Ultimatum.

Dan F.: I'm going to have to cheat on this one.  Following Chuck creator Josh Schwartz on Twitter, I now know what the answer was... Lawrence of Arabia.

Eric H.: Damn you, Dan, for spoiling it. I'll pretend like I didn't hear that.  Pretty sure, despite Chuck and Aweome's guesses, it was three words. Maybe License to Kill?

Are you happy Chuck got his powers back?  (The way he did it, the timing, etc...)  
Dr. Toboggan: Yes, I'm glad he got them back, but I agree the whole thing was very anticlimactic and it felt like a loose end being tied up at the end of an episode, instead of a major storyline coming to an end.

Dan F.: I'm definitely glad that he has his powers back, because the show has transformed into one where we need Chuck to know Kung Fu, but the timing of the whole thing did seem a bit off.  The whole thing felt a bit anticlimactic.  Maybe it was the fact that it was just tacked onto the end of this Volkoff-centric episode, or maybe Chuck needed to go a bit longer without his powers, but something felt a bit off.

Eric H.: Way too soon.  Chuck was just starting to get good at strip kicking, too.

So are Volkoff and Frost doing it or what?  
Dr. Toboggan: Definitely not, she got the name Frost for a reason.

Dan F.: No way!  If Volkoff had already hit it, he would have quit it by now.  You know how Volkoff rolls.

Eric H.: You guys kidding me?  Chuck's mom has been gone for what, well over a decade?  No way Volkoff has stuck it out this long with her without at least get an "old fashion."

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