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Volkoff finds out that Chuck is still alive and sends Mama B to finish the job.  The three assassins Volkoff employs set out kill Chuck, but Mama B saves the day, shooting the three men dead.

While Sarah and Casey are busy interrogating Mama B, Volkoff tricks Jeff into letting him and his goons into the Buy More. Volkoff demands that they hand Frost over because he is in love with her.

As Volkoff is seconds away from shooting Chuck in the head, Mama B admits that he is her son.  Ellie then calls Chuck and Volkoff realizes that his Frost has a whole family she never told him about.  He then invites himself over to Ellie's for dinner.

After alerting the CIA and sneaking Awesome and Ellie out, Chuck and Sarah turn on the happy go lucky Volkoff.  Him and his henchmen then put their guns on Chuck and Sarah, but Mama B turns on Volkoff to protect her family.  She vows to end him if he hurts her family.  She then leaves with her evil pseudo boyfriend.

Ellie figured out what was on the green computer from Papa B's car, but then came to a point where she didn't know the password.  Chuck did, and after plugging in the code, he re-downloaded intersect 2.0.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

You wanna be able to trust your mom, not worry that she's gonna shoot you in the face.


Come with me if you wanna live.