Criminal Minds Review: "Reflection of Desire"

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As Criminal Minds episodes go, "Reflection of Desire," will probably not go down among the series' best, but it was certainly enjoyable to watch (if you enjoy nightmares, anyway).

The BAU took on a local case this week after a girl was taken captive, tortured and dumped in an alley with her lips cut off. When another girl is abducted, the pattern starts again.

The recent death of his mother has the killer, Rhett, behaving this way. The fact that he keeps her body propped in a wheelchair at home tells you how disturbed this guy really is.

Garcia and Morgan

What is Garcia's secret?

Having lived obediently with his mother all his life, Rhett developed the requisite skills to become a productive member of society. He also picked up on his mother's obsessions.

An actress with a memorable role from the 1950's, her celluloid scenes are now the Georgetown locales he's now using for his abductions and murders. Delusions become reality.

With Garcia leading the way, the team isolates his location to one neighborhood, but with time and clues sparse, they take a page from NCIS' Leroy Jethro Gibbs and bluff him out.

Holding a press conference they know Rhett will watch, the team announces they have just found the address of the killer. Which they would never do if it were so, but it worked.

As authorities patrol the streets, the team is able to take down a spooked Rhett and save his victim, Penny, when he attempts to flee. Sharp thinking by the BAU. Rhett, not so much.

As good as Criminal Minds is, this episode wasn't the most riveting. The writers attempted to mix things up with the homage to '50s films, the case itself didn't really lend itself to it.

After five-plus seasons, they won't knock our socks off every time, but by this show's standards, there wasn't anything too interesting psychologically about the killer they profiled.

Why did he start doing this? It was interesting that the mother was not actually there in the video scenes. Did the team find out May had died by the time they got to the house?

Guest star Robert Knepper made for a convincingly creepy UnSub, but his side of the story received an inordinate amount of screen time compared to the team, which seemed off.

One thing we particularly liked was that the final victim, Penny, played along, working on building Rhett's trust. It's nice to give the victim a role rather than be purely hapless.

As for Garcia's "secret," well, it was pretty light. It's nice that there wasn't much fallout from the reveal, although it did feel a bit forced. Anyway, we want to hear what you think.

How did you like last night's Criminal Minds? What were your favorite moments? How would you assess the season so far? Leave a comment and let us know.

Reflection of Desire Review

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