Fringe Review: "6955 kHz"

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Only one world can survive the doomsday machine.  We learned this week on Fringe that the odds are not looking good for either side, with only a 50% chance of survival. 

Over Here has one thing that Walternate is missing, his own son.  Yes, Walternate has been able to entice Peter’s curiosity enough to build the machine, but can he get him to use it?  Peter is a good person and he would never want to be responsible for destruction of either world. 

Over Here Meeting

Peter believes he can somehow figure out a way to save both worlds.  He hopes for world(s) peace.  But how can there be peace with a man like Walternate on the loose? 

6995 kHz” revolves around locating the pieces needed for Peter to create Walternate’s machine.  The entire investigation was a set up, orchestrated by Bolivia.  She has a shapeshifter implant a pulse in a short wave radio transmission able to cause amnesia in anyone that listens to it. 

Many people across the east coast forget who they are, so the Division is called in to investigate.  What they think is an investigation actually becomes an excavation. 

At the end of the episode, the team pulls up a massive piece of a machine buried in the ground.  Who put the piece in there in the first place?  Individuals called the First People that lived on the earth before dinosaurs even existed.  Makes you wonder how Walter knew the pieces were there to begin with. 

One glimmer of hope is that Bolivia seems to be growing a conscious.  She begins to realize that her actions will bring on the deaths of an entire planet and she begins to doubt those actions.  Will this be enough to actually stop her?  Will Bolivia see the error of her ways before it is too late? 

I hope Bolivia realizes she is simply a disposable pawn, used to move Walternate’s plans forward.  She really means nothing to him.  No one does.  Not even Peter.

Our Olivia’s time Over There is coming to an end.  Walternate’s plans are progressing without her powers so she won't be needed much longer.  She needs to figure out a way to cross back home and fast.  How do you think Olivia will make it back home?  What will Peter’s reaction to her appearance?  Will he even believe her story now that he’s been in bed with Bolivia?  Who will he think is the real Olivia? 

Fringe is soon coming to an standoff between these two worlds.  We, of course, side with the people living Over Here, but what about all the innocent people Over There?  Will both worlds and their inhabitants somehow make it out of Walternate’s war alive?  Seems highly unlikely.  We just know one thing; we hope Walternate and his evil are somehow destroyed in the process.

The preview for next week’s episode looks amazing, and I have a feeling Olivia will finally make it home!  Until then, here are a few of our Favorite Fringe quotes from this week: 

Walter:(to Peter) Fine, if you end up breaking the universe, this time it's on your head. | permalink
Walter: I asked you not to work on that device in my lab.
Peter: They are working on it on the other side. We need to understand exactly what it does.
Walter: What's there to understand? You're playing with fire, stop being so bull headed and put a stop to this. | permalink
Peter: Walter, when I touched that device on the other side it came alive in my hands, like it responded directly to me. How can you expect me to ignore that? | permalink
Walter: We did have fun didn't we? Don't know what happened to this generation. I have a prescription (smoking a joint).
Nina: So do I. | permalink
Peter: I had to go back, I forgot to say skim.
Bolivia: You walked there twice? You didn't have to do that.
Peter: I had a motive. It's the little things that make me irresistible. | permalink

6955 kHz Review

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Peter: I had to go back, I forgot to say skim.
Bolivia: You walked there twice? You didn't have to do that.
Peter: I had a motive. It's the little things that make me irresistible.

Great human destruction, I guess we'll have to hope for the former.