Psych Review: "In Plain Fright"

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Shawn and Gus sure know how to bring the 70s back, as Scooby Doo never looked this good.

On "In Plain Fright," Psych channeled its inner Scooby Gang and solved the murders of carnival workers connected to a tragedy that occurred fifteen years earlier. The weird thing is, their prime suspect was a ghost... and by ghost, I really mean traumatized girl who witnessed the tragic carnival ride accident and was getting revenge on the people who lied to keep their negligence a secret.

Asking Questions

But that’s not all. We got our first look at the impact Shawn and Juliet’s relationship will have on their interactions with those close to them.

We find out that Shawn hasn’t told Gus because he’s afraid of making him the odd man out, pushing him into a caramel binge - which, as we later find, was a prescient call. Shawn ended up breaking the news to Gus while they were hiding from the killers during carnival after-hours.

To Shawn’s disappointment, Gus didn’t even flinch. He, like the audience, knew it was coming.

We also saw Carlton confront Juliet a little bit about her support of Shawn, though the situation quickly turned into a joke about his denial of global warming, an always endearing glimpse into the mind of Carlton Lassiter.

I really wonder how the show will play the reveal of Shawn and Juliet’s relationship when the time comes: will they have to hold off until the end of the series because of the deep implications it would have? It’s a long way down the road I’m sure, but you never can tell with this show.

I loved seeing Juliet in something other than her typical suit and dress shirt. Never really saw her as a brown leather kind of girl. It’s nice to know there are still things to learn about your favorite character, even if it’s what she’d wear if she weren’t in a suit.

Loved that they brought back Ken to be blatantly used by Shawn and Gus again, only to be fired by his current employer. Psych really needs to find that poor guy some steady work.

Also, I'm a big fan of Juliet bringing Henry in on the case. I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing a lot of that in the future. I wonder if she’ll figure out that Henry already knows about them.

Overall, this episode was a solid follow-up to last week's winter premiere and a glimpse into what’s to come when the show returns in two weeks with its Twin Peaks-inspired installment. Return then for a detailed review of it!

In Plain Fright Review

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Psych Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Juliet: It's all police work Carlton.
Carlton: Yeah, right, and global warming is real.
Juliet: Yes, it is, Carlton.
Carlton: Sure it is.

Gus: That's a player's move, Shawn, a player's move.
Shawn: That's not a player's move, Gus, that's an astronomer's move.