The Big C Review: "New Beginnings"

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This week's episode of The Big C was titled "New Beginnings," and for good reason.

The relationship between Paul and Cathy got a fresh start; Rebecca was given a wake-up call by her college roommate; Cathy took a new approach to her cancer treatment; and, sadly, Marlene was forced to admit that she's facing the beginning of her mental end.

Confronting Cathy

After weeks of stalling, Cathy closed last week's installment by telling Paul about her illness and I would have liked to have seen this episode pick up right where that scene left off.

What actually happened there? Did Cathy walk away? Did she and her husband have a long talk? It didn't seem that way, as we learned on "New Beginnings" that he didn't know she wasn't doing chemotherapy until at least a day after he learned of the cancer.

Still, Paul's reaction gave the series - and its main character - a nice jolt of energy. I've remained a fan, but The Big C can get lethargic at times, treading on the same concept of Cathy and her new lease on life.

Things felt fresh this week, though, as Paul initially expressed her (rightful) feelings about being left in the dark, tried to confide in his co-worker and then became resigned to the same fate as Cathy: this was happening. He couldn't stop it. So he might as well move back home and accept it.

I also liked how the show used what felt like an easy set-up for laughs (the strip club visit) and extended it to serve as motivation for Cathy to get better. This will lead to what should be a great guest-starring appearance by Liam Neeson next week, playing the role of an alternative doctor.

Solid stuff all around, including the small moment of Adam realizing his parents do still notice him, despite what bus stop girl said. What did everyone else think?

New Beginnings Review

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