The Event Review: "I Know Who You Are"

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It's been two weeks since a new episode of The Event aired, and I really missed it. Why? Because there aren't many shows these days that really have a deep, underlying story. 

There have been some complaints in the weekly comments about how the series tends to go back and forth between present and past situations, but I think that's what keeps the audience on its toes.

Hospital Pondering

You can't just sit back and relax while watching The Event. You have to stay focused and pay attention, people. For example, in last night's episode, "I Know Who You Are," we discovered more about what made Blake the man he is today.

In a flashback to fourteen years ago, we see Blake as a man in love with a beautiful woman. He is ever the romantic, even up until he confronts her for being a sleeper agent from the Soviet Union. 

From what it looks like, Blake lost any compassion he ever had the moment his father killed his girlfriend. Perhaps all the bitterness he once felt for her was triggered by finding out there was a mole in his group of trusted agents.

Fortunately for Simon, Thomas and Erin were able to hide his true identity. God only knows what means of torture he would have ensued otherwise.

Elsewhere, one of the most shocking factors we learned about last night is that Thomas is Sophia's son! 

They look to be around the same age, don't you think? It makes sense why Sophia would be in charge of Thomas, but why the rest? Why is she the one person/alien that has control over all of them?

In the conversation between Sophia and Thomas, we learn that Thomas is trying to open a portal that will let his people go back to where they came from. And that would be? Another time? Another place?

Thomas said that they still are not as powerful as they need to be to get home. Sure, they can make a plane disappear and reappear some 3,000 miles away, but it's still not enough to get them home. My best guess: these guys are from another dimension.

Sean and Leila are hot on the trail of finding out what really is going on. With the help of Melinda, they are able to crack the code. Michael wrote down a bunch of young girls around his daughter's age that have all disappeared.

In the last scene, we see that Samantha brought to a room filled with girls that look to be around her age, but all have faces that are extremely aged. What the heck is going on here? How in the world does this have anything to do with the aliens? Do you think Sean and Leila will be able to find Samantha before it's too late?

I Know Who You Are Review

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How many of our men were in the building? How many?

The President

Sophia: Do you have any idea how many innocent lives you just took?
Thomas: They weren't innocent. They were armed men hunting us down.