Will Castle and Beckett Ever Get Together? The Stars Speak Out

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Will they or won't they? Should they or shouldn't they?

Following last night's solid episode, Castle fans continue to debate the future of Castle and Beckett. They aren't together right now, nor does it seem like the pair will be any time soon, considering the state of each character's love life.

A Lovable Duo

Says Nathan Fillion on the topic:

"They've been very good about exploring this will-they-or-won't-they relationship, and this year a new twist on it is that they are both in separate but viable relationships. And it's not, 'Oh my god, it's so obvious that person's so wrong for them, but real, honest, great people who are deserving of love and trust in these relationships.'"

Stana Katic also spoke to E! News on the matter and seems excited to get Beckett and Castle together at some point:

"I always feel naive saying that I think that characters can get together and still have a spicy relationship. I don't mind if they get together. I think that they fit and fill each other's lives really well. He's her perfect opposite, she's his perfect opposite, and in some ways they are each other's perfect parallel, because they are both really passionate about the same thing, which is solving crimes."

Now it's up to you, readers: Do you wanna see these two finally date?

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