Fringe Review: She's Taken Everything...

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This week’s episode of Fringe really tore at the heartstrings - in more ways than one. By the end, the divide between Olivia and Peter may be greater than ever, even now that they’re both in the same world.

The episode begins with the extended death of a Mr. Russo, of Rye, New York. The hapless Mr. Russo steps out of a train, where he is immediately followed by Roland David Barrett, a dapper fellow dressed to the nines, complete with an old-fashioned umbrella.

Examining a Victim

Making like a contemporary Cobblepot, Barrett pricks Russo with the tip of his umbrella. By the time Russo arrives home in Rye, he is visibly ill and passes out. When he wakes, he is strapped to an operating table and covered in blood.

He hears Barrett calling 911 and alerting them to his location. Barrett then apologizes to Russo, telling him "there was no other way," and injects him with something. When the paramedics arrive, they find the man still strapped to the table, his heart removed, but still alive.

Peter and Walter Bishop, Agent Broyles and the Our World Olivia Dunham soon descend on Rye, where we learn that Mr. Russo died soon after the paramedics found him.

The team quickly discovers that Mr. Russo had received a heart transplant from a girl named Amanda Walsh, a teenage organ donor who killed herself. While Walter inspects Russo’s body, Peter and Olivia determine that everyone who had received Amanda’s organs has been attacked, the donated organs removed. Walter deduces that Barrett is attempting to revive Amanda.

In his own lab, Barrett works over the stitched-up corpse of Amanda Walsh. Using a pulley system, he treats the body like a marionette and has her dance. The sight of the bag of bones ballerina brings tears to Barrett’s eyes, and would have been the most unsettling scene of the episode if not for the forced product placement of the Sprint videophone chat between Peter and Astrid (Full Disclosure: Sprint is Sprintastic).

As the FBI raids his home, Barrett manages to reanimate Amanda’s corpse. But as the body’s eyes look around, he realizes with a mix of sadness and horror that whatever he brought back, it wasn’t Amanda. When captured by Olivia, he says tells her, "I was trying to correct a wrong. She made a mistake." He tells Olivia that when he looked into Amanda’s eyes, he knew it wasn’t her.

Peter and the Real Olivia

These words hit home for Olivia, as Peter had earlier come clean to her about his relationship with the Other World Olivia. Originally, Olivia tries to shake this off, though she is clearly crushed. Alone in her apartment, she pulls the clothes out of her closet and tears the sheets off her bed. In her dryer, she finds a load of laundry left by the Other Olivia, Peter’s shirt included. She crumbles to the ground, sobbing.

Olivia tells Peter that she held onto him the entire time she was in the Other World, defying both logic and reason. She is upset that Peter could not do the same for her, and was unable to see through the Other Olivia’s ruse. She tells Peter that says she does not want to live in her apartment, wear her clothes or be with him, as the Other Olivia has left traces of herself everywhere. As Olivia says, "She’s taken everything."

Later that night, as Peter and Walter go get milkshakes, The Observer watches from across the street. He speaks to someone on the phone and, staring at Walter, says "He is still... alive." (Editor's note: Not if you keep sucking down those milkshakes, Walter!)

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