No Ordinary Family Review: Fighting, Loving, Memory Erasing

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Fights abounded on "No Ordinary Sidekick," all starting with a bowling night between the Powells, Katie and George.

Throughout the episode, George seemed to forget who the super humans were, while Katie reneged on her position as Stephanie’s sidekick. Seeing George on the news and getting interview requests was great fun, but he was starting to forget who the hero was.

Eventually, however, he learned to appreciate everyone more than he had in the beginning.

No Ordinary Sidekick Scene

Katie, on the other hand, had another date with Will, or Joshua, or whoever he is. He was smart to tell Katie the half truth about their date. To get close to Stephanie, he needs Katie to be close to Stephanie. He killed Frances, but the only thing that didn’t make sense was the fact that Stephanie would have been at Frances' house by the time Will/Joshua got there.

I was so glad Frances got the substance to Stephanie, and hopefully she continues her research on it. Stephanie now believes Dr. King is on her side with this, and I’m hoping that it won’t get in the way of her discoveries.

JJ gets a girlfriend, and Daphne gets her memory erased, so it was an eventful night for the kids, as well.

While JJ having a love interest is sweet, it kind of came out of left field. Unless it’s just me... does every girl kiss a guy who beats them in a game of chess? Poor Daphne, I hope Stephanie can find a way to get back her memories. A shot of that substance Frances gave her should help.

A couple random thoughts:

  1. About the powers that Dr. King distributes... Last week, he told Will that he wasn’t getting his power dose and "he’d see how he dealt without his powers." Why did Will still have enough power to destroy the Powell house and erase Daphne’s memory?
  2. Also, did Will just clean up before he left after erasing Daphne’s memory? There was no mention of the house being a wreck? When he used his powers, the home looks like an earthquake had it.

We now have a long break to consider these questions. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Do you think Daphne will be able to get her powers back?

No Ordinary Sidekick Review

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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You bring a police scanner in your bowling bag?


Would you take it easy? You might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says "Me and my family went to South America and all we got were these lousy superpowers."