Survivor Round Table: "You Started, You're Finishing"

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As the cast of Survivor: Nicaragua gets more depressing with each player revealing more character flaws, the game continues to get more difficult to predict.  We already killed the pair in our review, but wanted to give our round table writers (and our readers!) a chance to sound off as well.

Which unnecessarily long decision announcement did you like better: LeBron James's or Kelly S and NaOnka's?

Kyle Kalember: They both sucked.  I hated them both.  I was convinced that NaOnka was gone, but I was holding out hope that Kelly S would change her mind.  I'm still shocked that this actually happened.  The saving grace was Jeff being so visibly annoyed with both of them.  The entire show he had an awesome edge to him.  This is why he is the best host ever.  Nobody cares more about this show than he does and he hates anyone that disrespects the game.

Survivor RT

J Murray: Amazingly, I may be the only person in the world that would go with LeBron here. At least he was taking his talent somewhere! Those two were trying to justify quitting. Do they know how much Jeff loves the game?!?! Easy to say this is one of the worst casts ever selected.

Luke Dwyer: Has to be Kelly S and NaOnka's.  The only way the original The Decision could compete is if Jim Gray was trying to tear LeBron James apart while he's making his decision.  Listening to Jeff's vitriol as Kelly S and NaOnka contemplated quitting was almost worth it.

Was Kelly S the worst survivor contestant ever?

Kyle: The worst.  She was in the top five before she quit, but now she is the absolute worst this show has ever had.  Jeff didn't even have it in him to say something snide to her as she left.  That says everything about her time on the show.  He'd had enough and had nothing left to say.  Just sad.

Murray: She really added no value, well except to Brenda and Sash to stand on. However, with Brenda gone, it just proved how utterly useless Kelly S was. You could just tell that Marty was dying to jump out of the jury area and back into the game. That would have been interesting if they made the remaining survivors vote two people from the jury back in. Come on Jeff!

Luke: I went back and reviewed the cast of every single season and can confirm that Kelly S brought the least to the table.  She is officially the worst. 

Did NaOnka deserve to be attacked by a pack of wolves as she left tribal council?

Kyle: She deserved to trip and fall into a poisonous snake.  There has never been a more skitzophrenic contestant on this show.  So logical and competitive at one moment and bat-s*** crazy the next.

NaOnka Launches Himself

Murray: Wolves or the small dinosaurs that eat the annoying guy in Jurassic Park III. I also thought Jeff might have taken her by the shoulders and shaken her. Any of those options would have made me happy.

Luke: A pack of wolves would finish her off too quickly.  She needs something more painful like falling into a pool of piranhas. 

Why was Alina crying?

Kyle: I have no idea, but it made me mad.  I really hope it was because she was so upset that she got voted out by those two and they were turning around and quitting.  I pray it was that because anything else I simply can't wrap my brain around.

Murray: Maybe she was picturing how she'll have to sit next to NaOnka on the jury. More realistically, I think she was so upset that someone would quit considering how badly her and Marty tried to stay in the game. Maybe she thought Jeff would see her tears and reinstate her with individual immunity until the final four.

Luke: She clearly felt awful for Marty and Brenda who deserved to be in the game far more than Kelly S and NaOnka.

Would you want Holly as your mother?

Kyle: She does seem really good, but I'm not trading.  Mine rocks.

Holly and Jane Conspire

Murray: After getting past Holly's crazy outburst to start the game, she's grown on me. I am impressed by her perspective and determination. However, I would not want her as my mother. I think she would try to hang out with my friends and plan group shopping trips. The worst!

Luke: Her my-daughter-wanted-to-quit cross-country speech drove me nuts.  She destroys the point of her argument by praising her ability to convince her daughter to not quit by saying the benefit was that they won the state title.  Shouldn't reason for not quitting be the principle, whether they won or lost?  No thanks.

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