Brothers & Sisters Review: "Scandalized"

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Brothers & Sisters kicked off the 2011 prime time TV calendar last night, resuming its fifth season in typically decent, slightly up-and-down fashion with "Scandalized."

First, the inevitable. Kitty’s relationship with Seth goes public. The Huffington Post is even running with it. Apparently our fair Kitty is PRIME celebrity gossip fodder.

Seth’s mom and Kitty’s boss, Dean Whitley, now knows "Cougar Walker-McCallister" is her son's girlfriend. Really, that's the best they could do? Eh, it's accurate at least ...

Kitty and Seth

Oddly enough, the dean publicly supports Kitty's relationship with Seth ... but privately, questions Kitty's motives, because SHE can do better. Didn't see that one coming.

Seth, played by ABC staple Ryan Devlin, has been working on his Masters for years and writing a novel for just as long. He eats PB&Js. He may not be what she's after.

Or maybe he is. Reading one of Seth’s short stories which she reads was clearly inspired by her. All of a sudden it looks like this love connection may have staying power.

Does this mean we've gotten past the age thing for good, though?

In other relationship news, Nora and Dr. Karl break up. It's sad, because we liked her in this committed relationship, but the Walker Family Dinner was the coup de grace.

Karl was looking forward to a quiet evening with just her. What he got was anything but, as Kitty, Seth, Kevin and Scotty joined them and the verbal barbs began FLYING.

Nora's man bails when the conversations get personal between Nora, Kitty and Kevin, who seems to delight in his sister's younger man and their Internet celebrity status.

The next day, Dr. Karl calls Nora during her radio show asking for advice on how to apologize to his lady love. It's cute, but she ends it, saying they just don't fit together.

Think she made the right call? Can she do better than Dr. K.?

Justin is digging his new career as a paramedic, which is about the 29th job he's had in four-plus seasons. He digs it so much he's picking up extra shifts when possible.

Girlfriend/nurse/real-life wife Annie suggests she come along with him during his last shift one night, as it's the only way the lovebirds can spend time together anymore.

They rush to the scene of a car accident in which a driver is badly hurt. Our boy comes through in the clutch, rescuing him after his lung collapses. You can't faze Justin!

Annie offers to make Justin dinner. After all he's been through, someone should take care of him for a change. Justin, put a ring on this one ... you have the experience.

Are Justin and Annie compelling on screen? Is he boring when he's not strung out or fighting some great internal bout of angst? Will these two progress or fizzle out?

Finally, and most adorably, Kevin and Scotty attend an adoption fair, where potential parents can meet and interact with children looking to be placed into families.

These events really exist? Admittedly having no experience with them, it seemed a bit romanticized, but perhaps it's more or less true. In any case, they meet Olivia.

This outgoing little girl offers to be their tour guide, giving them the lowdown on all the kids. Kevin and Scotty must list their top five picks based on the kids they met.

When Olivia gives them a big goodbye hug, it's clear who their #1 choice is. Or, as Kevin and Scotty realize, they don't even have a choice, as Olivia just chose them.

Sniff. Hopefully this is just the beginning for a long-running story line for these two. The panic attacks and bickering are great, but this could have some real substance.

What did you think of last nights Brothers & Sisters? Discuss!

Scandalized Review

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