CSI: NY Review: "Holding Cell"

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After last week's so-so episode. CSI: New York stepped back up to a level of storytelling I have come to expect with last night's installment, "Holding Cell."

One of the best things about this week was getting a bit more of Mack. I love the way he firmly plants his feet when dealing with outside investigative forces stepping onto his turf.

His swift action when he sees possible compromising elements, and his handling of Hector Vargas, the visiting CSI from Barcelona, was reflective of all the leadership qualities that make Mack such a brilliant main character.

Jsu Garcia on CSI: NY.

As soon as he found out that the CSI was related to the victim he kept Hector from being involved in the processing of evidence, but he also showed proper respect and courtesy by keeping Hector in the loop, even after Hector hadn't been completely forthcoming.

Guest star Jsu Garcia's turn as Hector Vargas, the visiting CSI, helped bring an emotional connection to the story. His character was not as honest with Mack as he should have been, but the reveal of his family's past helped to shed some light on his reticence and his initial inability to accept Mack's first conclusion that his nephew's death was not a homicide.

Karina Lombard, one of my favorite actresses, had a small appearance as the victim's mother. She did not have a lot of screen time and had very few lines, but her presence helped to add another layer of emotion to the story. She's also an actress who can say more with a mere glance than even dialogue can convey.

It was hard for me to accept Natalia's even agreeing to assist her boyfriend's suicide. The soul crushing explanation she gives to Mack at the end hit home for me, and yet it's still very difficult for me to believe that anyone would knowingly allow a depressed individual to even have a chance to go through with a suicide.

The character claimed she changed her mind about going along with the cover-up, but it's strange that she wouldn't call the police to help ensure she could have stopped him. 

There is never anything overt in an episode, but I feel like Jo Danville is slowly becoming Super Jo. In tonight's episode she just happened to have been in Spain and knew enough Spanish to inform Mack that Hector was the victim's uncle. It's a slight thing, but slight things very much like this seem to keep cropping up.

Jo Danville has the potential to be a good character, but there are more layers always being added to make her seem perfect. I know that sometimes the good guys in a series are total boy scouts, or in this case girl scouts, but even Mack has flaws which keep his character balanced. Jo's character will suffer from over perfection if some more flaws are not revealed soon to make the character a complete and real person.

Hopefully, the rest of the season will contain more episodes with great stories like this, and even dare to wow the audience and this reviewer in ways that surpass expectations.

What did you think of last night's CSI: NY? Discuss!

Holding Cell Review

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Danny: Inhaling your alcohol, I think I saw this on the Jetsons.
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