Jersey Shore Renewed For Season Four, Italy on Notice

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We are sad/thrilled to report that Jersey Shore Season 4 is a go.

Residents of Italy might want to take a vacation this spring, too.

The self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes, led by the 100 percent Italian Vinny Guadagnino, are headed to the motherland to film the fourth season in a few months.

Vinny G. Pic

Some of Vinny's relatives are even playing host to the Jersey Shore crew for an authentic dinner, Guadagnino style. MTV confirmed the report earlier this afternoon.

The network and 495 Productions are already scouting locations in Italy, similar to how they singled out an apartment and various nightclubs, etc., in Miami.

Two months ago, Jersey Shore executives began working on getting visas for the cast and crew, which should be processed in due time for the new season.

Clearly MTV feels it has lightning in a bottle and is riding it as long as it can. Let the games (and invasion of American culture and Jersey Shore quotes) begin.

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Jersey Shore Quotes

I'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet, but do not f*ck with me.


Pauly D: Yo, if she still has coloring books ... she's too young for you, man.
Vinny: If she's got a basket on her bicycle ... she's too young for you man.
Pauly D: If she still has the parental controls on her TV ... she's too young for you bro.
Vinny: If she only owns Snow White on DVD ... she's too young for you man.
Pauly D: If his Keds still light up ... he's too young for you bro.
Ronnie: [laughs]
Pauly D: If she still plays laser tag ... she's too young for you bro.
JWoww: That's me.