Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: What's Ahead?

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Are you ready for a darker and edgier Pretty Little Liars, fans?

Executive producer Marlene King has teased the next 12 episodes as such, giving an interview to TV Guide in which she teases what's ahead for all key characters. With the ABC Family drama returning tonight, hurry up and get all the scoop on A and company...

EMILY: A "romantic evening" is on tap for her and Maya, but King says another girl will soon enter the picture:

"It's very important for us to stay true to the fact that Emily is coming to terms with her sexuality. She's not going to flip flop back and forth. Her path is really about coming to terms with who she is, and being proud of who she is, then also hopefully helping her parents understand and accept who she is as well."

ARIA: Look for a love triangle between Noel, Aria and Ezra, as well as danger for the latter two.

"The person who saw them that night [in the finale], who wrote, 'I see you on that car,' did really see them," King says. "There's a real viable threat to their relationship from the moment we come back."

SPENCER: She'll soon be at odds again with her sister, while a flashback will reveal a lot from the night Alison disappeared. Says King: "It's very riveting, very powerful and very telling."

HANNA: While stuck in the hospital, Hanna will receive many visitors, each of whom "lets out some sort of secret," says star Ashley Benson.

A: Simply put, King assures us the mystery of A's identity will be resolved within four episodes. Then, the question will turn to: who killed Alison?

"We're a little bit darker with the mystery in this next cycle," King says. "We weren't afraid to be a little bit edgier, and you will see a glimpse of Alison moments before her death that is shocking."

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