The Office Review: Loose Women and Cartwheels

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Although it had been over a month since the last new episode of The Office aired, there was no way to forget the quality of "Classy Christmas." This week's "Ultimatum" was not a bad half hour of television, but compared to the previous ep, it was difficult to thoroughly enjoy it.

As the title says, this week in Scranton was all about whether Holly Flax went through with her ultimatum.  We previously had found out that she had told her boyfriend, AJ, that if they didn't get engaged before the year was over, they would be through.  Well, the new year came and went, there was no ring on Holly's finger, and she was still with the aforementioned AJ.  What a bummer!

Mr. Scott

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The best part was that the other members of the office cared just as much as I did about whether she had gotten engaged.  Watching Kelly, Kevin, Dwight, and Pam follow Michael and Holly until they could see if she was wearing a ring made me feel like one of the crew. It definitely enhanced the moment.

The moment that needed no enhancement?  When Michael originally thinks Holly broke up with AJ and goes completely nuts!  Honestly, when computer Michael was so passively trying to calm excited Michael down... I don't think I've laugh that hard in a long time.  The Michael vs. Michael dance-off took the cake for this episode.

After a few minutes of talking to each other in the voice of E.T. - seriously, why would Kelly ever want them to stop doing this? - Michael finds out that Holly is still dating AJ and goes into his depressive state.  While sad Michael is never as good as happy Michael, and angry Michael shoving broccoli into Kevin's face wasn't much better, it all led to another step forward in the evolution of Michael Scott.

He ultimately apologized to Kevin and Creed, who he taunted for not being able to do a cartwheel, and this side of him caused Holly to cool things off with AJ.

Although Holly will stoop to Michael's goofy level more than anyone else in this world, she still has a serious side.  As Michael continues to show glimpses of his compassionate personality, she will be more and more likely to give him a chance in the end.  And that is all I am asking for as a viewer.  I want Michael Scott to ride off into the sunset with Holly.  Is that too much to ask?

Other Thoughts

  • Pam's plot about the resolution boards brought out some funny gems - like Dwight and Andy wanting to meet loose women, or Creed wanting to do a cartwheel - but as always, Pam didn't bring anything to the table during it.
  • The trio of Dwight, Andy, and Darryl were fine this week, but we've seen much better out of them.  When I'm enjoying Darryl the most out of those three, it's not a good sign. But him secretly buying the electronic reader and using it while Andy skated up a storm was classic.
  • Little Michael-isms continue to get me.  The fact that he expects Erin to know that gummy bears are for when he's sad and gummy worms are for when he's happy is ridiculous.  Ridiculous and funny.
  • Back to Creed's resolution of wanting to do a cartwheel. Giving him more than just one line absolutely allows him to shine.  The build up of him talking about wanting to do a cartwheel, and then having him scream "F*ck you! F*ck you!" at Erin when she did one, was brilliant.
  • Kevin's "right back at ya b*tch" while flipping off Holly was nearly perfect.

Ultimatum Review

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