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On last night's Criminal Minds, an autistic boy named Sammy Sparks was the only witness to the violent abduction of his parents, sending the BAU to Louisiana to help out.

In addition to Reid forging his connection with the boy, "Coda" was notable for an interesting, non-preachy social commentary on autism and the oil spill aftermath.

As the UnSub drags Billy's mom to banks and check cashing places to stockpile whatever money he can, a terrified, trapped Billy can only communicate through a piano.

What is the motivation psychosis - or economic desperation?

Reid Makes the Connection

The team discerns that the UnSub is after a certain amount of money, as if he is about to lose property. Fishermen and child custody case participants emerge as profiles.

Reid is hoping Sammy will help them find his parents, but Lizzie, his legal guardian, may stand in the way. But Reid ultimately has a breakthrough with the young boy.

Reid sits and begins playing with the boy doing the same. With the keys, he's able to answer Yes/No questions. This sparks another lead in his communication patterns.

He communicates through pictures, and the mysterious "L" is actually a clock. Sammy stick to a schedule. So does the delivery man they've now pegged as the perp.

Bill Thomas, a former fisherman with a boat at the marina, was desperate as they predicted and had no intention of going quietly. Sammy and Allison are safe, at least.

This was another strong A-story from a show that rarely disappoints with them, connecting you with guest characters even if you only have 40 minutes to meet them.

Meanwhile, the saga of Emily Prentiss continued to unfold.

Her past and future have been a topic of great debate, and we're starting to learn more about Interpol, Ian Doyle and why she may be in grave danger this spring.

In last week's episode, she was in contact with Tsia about Doyle, who deplaned in the U.S. This week, we learn Doyle was after them because they put him away.

The others are noticing Prentiss is not herself, but she's not opening up to them about it. Whether she feels she shouldn't or can't, she's alone. And quite scared.

No surprise there. Prentiss was considering telling her team about it, but the BAU can’t help them. Doyle is on the move to D.C., and not hiding his actions either.

Greeting her by her old alias Lauren Reynolds, he told her that since she took away the only thing that mattered to him, he’s going to take her life from her as well.

Doyle is certainly a commanding character, with Tsai and Clyde contributing to the plot nicely. You get the impression this story, however well done, will not end well.

How do you see this playing out? How long until the BAU does get involved, despite insistence that they shouldn't be? Will this mark the end of Prentiss on the show?

What did you think of last night's Criminal Minds? Discuss!

Coda Review

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