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The duel focus of "Targets of an Obsessions" helped to bring closure to many of the unanswered questions from the very first episode of this CSI season, while also providing teases for what's to come.

I have been a very patient fan overall, as I've waited for a call back to the premiere. I'm happy to say that the wait was worth it. The stories of the police bombings and another appearance by Nate Haskell kept me on the edge of my seat. I had a feeling something pulse-inducing was in store, and found only a few disappointments.

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Nick's reaction to the booby-trap planted in his yard was gripping and understandable. The character has been through a lot over the course of the show, and becoming the target of a killer, yet again, has got to be beyond frustrating.

Justin Bieber's acting is still amateurish. There were a few scenes where he was speaking his lines, but no real emotion could be felt. He's still new to the acting game so I'm sure he'll improve over time. I just think there were some intrinsic character moments that were lost due to his inability to properly emote. A key example of this was the scene between his character and the accomplice towards the end. His anger and line delivery lacked conviction.

Sienna Guillory's CSI bomb tech didn't return, leaving me a little heartbroken. I was really hoping to see the character again.

Instead we got Kip, a.k.a. the sacrificial bomb squad guy. It was sad to know that as soon as Kip was introduced, he had a giant target painted on his back. The character's death was expected, albeit noble.

I think a better potential sacrifice would have been Detective Vartann. He wouldn’t have needed to die, but his condition could have been left in question to really keep the viewers on their toes.

Bill Irwin's portrayal of Nate Haskell was, as always, superbly disturbing and terrifying. The character gave me the creeps and left me feeling like I needed a long shower to get the slim he projected off. The intent to do harm, emotional or physical, was present in every small gesture and line delivered.

That said, I have to wonder how much longer CSI can drag Haskell out in attempt to make things interesting. Haskell was set loose in a prison escape, and I'm just hoping I won't have to wait untill the very end of the season for this chapter to conclude. Reoccurring villains can only work for so long, and eventually the saga between Nate and Ray will have to come to an end.

I did love the uniform look of the Haskell brides. Nate's collection of groupies all fit in to a pattern of his design, making them sad and frightening puppets for the serial killer to control. Some of them met with a grisly demise after his escape. I'm curious to see if the rest manage to survive.

While Haskell's escape was exhilarating, I do have troubling believing that such a high profile inmate could just simply switch places with someone else without the guards realizing it. Even with the swapped ID bands, Haskell's face has to be well known among the guards. It's unlike this show to overlook something that important, making me eager to learn that perhaps someone on the inside helped to set him free.

Wouldn't that be intriguing?

Targets of Obsessions Review

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CSI Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Nick: Hey, you got a big day in court today, don't you?
Ray: Yeah, Nate Haskell. Putting my game face on.
Nick: Well, I'd tell you to give him hell, but that's probably where he's going anyway.

Nick: If I don't go to the gym now I won't go at all.
Ray: You feel the need to leave Doc Robbins a good looking corpse.
Nick: Something like that.