Jersey Shore Review: "Kissing Cousins"

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Practical jokes abound on Jersey Shore this season.

This is been a major theme ever since Sammi left the shore house (she came back last night, for better or worse), as has Snooki's wild summer coming back to haunt her.

Last night, The Situation pulled the ultimate prank on Deena and Snooki, sending them on a quality road trip without their knowledge. But the guys had the last laugh, too.

Off to New York

Snooki and Deena are peas in a pod ... that poor pod.

Let's recap the events of "Kissing Cousins" ...

Ronnie's father arrives in Seaside to provide support for his son. Pauly D and Deena chill on the boardwalk while The Situation tries to win a bike, which Ron tests out.

Snooki worries when her date won't answer her phone calls, then Vinny turns down Snooki when she asks if they can cuddle. Things aren't going to hot for the Snook.

It only gets worse for her, too, as The Situation decides to punk Snooki and Deena when he discovers the marshmallows they placed around the house. What'd he do?

Snooki and Deena unknowingly take a car ride to New York City. Good one, Mike. Almost a little too extreme, but you have to give him credit for the execution!

Mike gets his, though. The guys decide to have dinner without him after he took too long to get ready, leaving The Situation to chill out alone back at the house.

Snooki gets mad at Vinny and Pauly D for not warning her about The Situation's prank, but what is Vinny gonna do. Guy code, bro. Guy code. Or something.

Sammi decides to return to the shore house, because money talks, and Ronnie is stunned to see the love of his life walk through the door. It's just magical.

How long until they are trying to kill each other again. Five minutes?

Not the best episode, not the worst. Not the best Jersey Shore quotes, but still some quality additions to our library. Until next week in Seaside Heights, N.J. ...

Kissing Cousins Review

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