The Aftermath: Bones Producer Discusses Pivotal Episode

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As the dust settles from last week’s Bones, in which Booth, inspired by Sweets' romantic moves, bought a ring for Hannah only to see his proposal get shot down, the door is now wide open for Booth and Brennan to finally get on the same page.

Or is it? Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan spoke with TV Line about what comes next for B-squared. Here are some excerpts from his recent interview:

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On the effectiveness of Hannah's story arc: "We thought it turned out very well ... with any show with a “Will They/Won’t They?” relationship, the audience always wants the couple to get together – as do we, because they’re destined for each other."

"But to construct realistic situations to keep them apart can be difficult. We thought that after they both left and went their separate ways at the end of last season."

On giving Booth a rebound with some weight: "It was a way to keep Booth and Brennan apart in a way that was very real. [Fans] were angry Hannah was on the show, but I think they loved hating it. Hopefully they wanted her to go for all the right reasons."

On Booth's "bad place": "That's what the end of this episode was about. Why is he alone? What’s wrong with him that the women he has fallen in love with don’t reciprocate?"

On the future of Booth and Brennan: "Now we have an opportunity to explore them again. But I don’t think there’s going to be any quick resolution, because they both have wounds that have to heal. Brennan was shot down, then Booth was shot down by Hannah."

"If they then all of a sudden fall into a relationship together, I don’t think anybody’s going to believe that. It would just be a TV conceit. It wouldn’t have any real truth to it.

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