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Anna's diabolical plans to conquer the earth moved forward in this week's new episode, "Concordia."

From what Anna wanted us humans to know, Corcordia will be the first structure that the Visitors and humans will create together. A place to coexist in peace.

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But, in reality, Concordia will be the structure that helps the Visitor's dominate the world. Anna said it best when she told her architect:

The humans think that their building their future, but in fact, they are digging their own graves. | permalink

For whatever reason, Anna also needs Tyler to move her plans forward. She mentioned that Lisa picked Tyler to be her partner, but why? What does Erica's high levels of phosphorus in her blood when she was pregnant with Tyler have anything to do with Tyler now? His chromosomes have to be the missing key.

Chad seemed really happy to find out that he's not the only source feeding the public information about the Visitors anymore. Hopefully, his new co-anchor will stick around. The human race needs to hear the truth, but from the look that Marcus gave her, I wouldn't be surprised if something bad will happen to this reporter.

The Fifth Column and Eli came together again to once and for all try to finish Anna. Everything was put into motion and going as planned, until Anna got word that the assassination would happen. This is the part of the episode that I didn't understand. Okay, so Ryan was the one who saved her, but why did he go through the trouble in contacting Eli and setting it all up in the first place?

I get that Ryan wants to save his daughter, but why is Anna the only thing that can bring her peace? Ryan's always been one of my favorite characters, but lately I'm having mixed feelings for him. I wanted to believe that he would be on our side, but something tells me that this wont be the only time he will turn on the Fifth Column.

Marcus literally took the bullet for Anna when he took the stand to speak in her place. They say he's in critical condition, but he's Marcus. There's no doubt in my mind that he will survive and be back to seek vengeance soon. 

Erica finally came clean to Joe about the Visitor's intentions with their son. I don't think Erica ever would have if she didn't feel like this was her Hail Mary to save Tyler. Now that he is 18, there's no stopping him from leaving her. How can she protect him when he's constantly with Anna above the mother ship?

Did you feel like this was the beginning of a happily ever after family reunion? It seemed forced and I was surprised to see that Tyler fell for it.

I am still rooting for Erica and Jack to hook it up. Now that Jack may no longer be a priest, what's stopping them from getting it on? Am I the only one who sees these two as a pair?

The writers definitely get an A for the action/suspense scenes, but hot sexy scenes? Major fail. There's plenty of avenues the writers could take and I think putting Erica and Jack together would be a no brainer.

Since there was no Diana this week, I can't wait to see what we have in store for us next week. What did you think of this week's episode?

Concordia Review

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V Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tyler: Mom, I'm not a kid anymore.
Erica: No You're right. You're a man now.

Erica: Breakfast birthday cake Evans family tradition.
Tyler: When we were a family.