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On "Unholy Alliance," Anna is set on finding the human soul and destroying it. She goes to the Vatican to find more answers and arrives at a partnership with the Catholic Church.

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I love that this show has taken the religious road. If anything would be able to separate us humans from aliens, the soul is definitely at the top of the list.

But how in the world can Anna find the soul and destroy it? The soul isn't tangible. I bet there will be a lot more innocent people dying at the risk of her trying to find out.

When Chad was at Vatican with Anna, he met a priest who gave him warning of the type of evil that Anna possesses. Did you catch the look that Anna gave to them when she saw these two talking? It always seems like Anna knows what's up, but she never does anything at that moment.

Diana made her lovely and scary cameo by killing her only follower. It was a good thing that she did because that priest would have died a very painful and horrible death otherwise. Do you think Diana will ever escape the "hell" Anna imprisoned her in? For whatever reason, I don't believe Diana is that bad.

Meanwhile, Erica and her Fifth Column buddies were hot on the case of tracking down Eli. They used Jack as bait and that bothered me. It was pretty clear that Eli and his goons aren't the only ones paying attention to Jack's preaching when Erica's old buddy, Chris, came into the picture.

Right from the get-go I knew this guy had something up his sleeves. Chris wanted to look at the bigger picture and that included Erica. Why would Erica's boss want to watch her so closely? Just because two of her partners wind up dead doesn't mean that she was somehow involved. (Insert sarcasm here)

Eli may prove to to be the type of partnership the Fifth Column needs. But it is quite risky. This guy doesn't care risking a human life in order to fight the good fight against the Visitors. That's not the Fifth Column's MO, so I can foresee this partnership being doomed. 

Tyler found himself to be upset that his peace ambassador buddies were killed. So he did what any testosterone filled teenage boy would do: trash the person he thought was responsible. That being Father Jack, of course.  This wasn't my favorite scene, especially since the older priest fell when seeing what the boys were up to. It did show us a darker side to Tyler, though. He may be an idiot right now, but he has the fight in him that may save his life later down the line.

Anna mentioned that because of the Red Rain, humans are now fertile enough to maintain alien babies. Do you think this means that Lisa will get pregnant soon?

Unholy Alliance Review

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You're kidding right. He's hiding something.


Follower: You're sounding more and more like Fifth Column.
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