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Tonight kicked off part one of the two part cancer special of Archer, where things get real dark for this already dark FX animated comedy.  Part one, ironically titled "Stage Two," actually kept things relatively light given its subject matter. 

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That's probably because the audience, much like Archer, assumes that our favorite spy is going to beat his breast cancer much like he overcomes pretty much every obstacle thrown at him (save for the occasional sleeper-cell actress).

So the first two-thirds of the episode had a much funnier, lighter tone as Archer used his cancer to trick Woodhouse into given him an all-expense paid trip to Vegas with Dicky and Lana into bed with him.  Then the phone calls came.

Three phone calls straight out of a generic sitcom book of jokes that kept the audience guessing if Sterling still had cancer post-op.  Spoiler alert.  He does.  And it makes for one dark, fantastic episode next week.

But we're not here to review next week's episode.  This week kept things centered around the office and supporting cast with its non-mission adventure.  And that's really when you get Archer comedic gold.

Between Krieger's pig and goat hybrids, Pam's gossiping, a horribly self-centered Malory, and the return of the now-tattooed Wee Baby Seamus, the episode still brought the laughs despite its bold story line. 

Upon first watching, I hated the fact these two episodes were so dark and about such a depressing topic that affects so many of us.  Upon repeated viewings, I love the risk Reed and company took and I feel it paid off with two of the most memorable Archer episodes, even if they aren't the funniest or best.

For now, we'll leave you with our favorite Archer quotes and I can't wait to discuss next week's episode with you next week as I begin my petition for the show's Emmy nomination.

Stage Two Review

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Archer Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Malory: I had a mammogram on Friday and they found something.
Pam: So is that why you're being such a bitch?

Cheryl: Do anything fun this weekend? Because I sure did. Friday night was cornhole league and then on Saturday...
Malory: If I cared what you do on the weekend I'd stick a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger with my toes.
Cheryl: Saturday I watched a building burn down.