Being Human Review: The Ultimate Cage Fight

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"Dog Eat Dog" was a literal interpretation of this episode, as Josh was kidnapped to cage fight another werewolf. Will wonders never cease? A lot went down. Let's explore.

I loved the 50s scenes with Aidan and his pompador hairdo. He fit the era perfectly! In the well-executed flashbacks, Bishop was in love with a human. He wanted to turn her, but she thought it was unnatural. He was very much in love, but a visit from the elders during that time persuaded him how unacceptable he was being.

Mark Pellegrino as Bishop

I found it fascinating how the Aidan and Bishop roles were reversed. Aidan was all about the family and being a part of it, while Bishop was attempting to be human. I did not see that coming. It helped a lot with my understanding about why Aidan puts up with so much from Bishop, and vice versa. Bishop understands exactly what Aidan is going through. He has all along.

It was another full moon and Josh and Nora planned a backyard barbecue. I thought it was genius that he started wearing a bluetooth so he could talk to Sally without looking like a lunatic. It makes you wonder if there aren't more people chatting with themselves around the world.

Josh is getting more bold with the moon phases and I was looking forward to seeing how cuddly and growly he and Nora might be together. Instead, he was kidnapped.

I knew the entertainment would be for the elders, and a set up by Bishop. We put one mystery to rest, though, finding out who was hanging cocoon-like in the Amish barn a few episodes back. Aidan just went along with whatever the heck the elders were doing to the soon-to-turn werewolves, and Josh just had to trust him. To put it lightly, their friendship was being tested.

It was easy to tell the elders and the vampires were all old souls when what got them excited prior to the werewolf fight was a modestly clad woman walking around playing an accordion. Ooooh... sexy!

In the end, Aidan promised to give his life back to the vampire family in exchange for Josh's. Bishop underestimated the elders (which seems to have been the norm with him over the years) and couldn't stop the fight in spite of giving his word to Aidan. His feelings from disappointing Aidan and not following through were sincere.

For the first time, I felt Mark Pellegrino was living up to his casting. Prior to this, it was just the subtlest of notions that the character had more inside him. Tonight, I had no doubt.

The cage scene between the two werewolves was riveting. Fabulous graphics. All we really got to see was them circling each other, but it was beautiful to watch. I know it's a bit morbid, but I would have loved to have seen more of the fight, just to see what else they could have achieved in terms of special effects.

Sally and Josh didn't want to let Aidan go back to the family once they saw who they really were. I don't think they had any idea from what he was actually running. When the three of them were talking at the end, I felt that their friendship was stronger than ever. They never again have to doubt the lengths they will go through to fight for each other.

Now that we know more about Aidan and Bishop's past, what will Aidan do to save Bishop? For the first time, I'm looking forward to the two of them sharing more screen time, and learning even more about their many years together. What about you? Have your feelings about Bishop and the vampires changed after this episode?

Dog Eat Dog Review

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Being Human Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

The Professor: You're a werewolf son, for them this is sport.
Josh: Vampires?
The Professor: Of course. They call me The Professor.
Josh: Well that's nice. You've been down here for a while, you've got yourself a little nickname.

Rebecca: He was the closest thing I'll ever have to a son. The closest thing I'll ever have to sharing my blood.
Aidan: I'm sorry.