Justified Review: "The Spoil"

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Justified continued its stellar run of serialization this week. In "The Spoil," Raylan followed along as the battle between Black Pike and the Bennetts came to the forefront.

The main attraction was the town hall meeting in which Mags Bennett proved why the people of Bennett love her so much, but getting to that moment was just as entertaining.

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After Carol and Raylan bailed Boyd out of jail for his "arrest" by the Bennett police, Boyd's greeting of Mr. Givens at the car was awesome. As the newly appointed employee of Black Pike whispered to Raylan that he made a nice speech in the police department, Boyd seemed riddled with joy. And then as he remarked that they are once again on the same side of things, Boyd seemed truly happy about it.  

Although he is far from a saint at this point, it seems the fact that Boyd keeps edging closer and closer to the right side of the law makes him happiest because it means he might be able to actually be friends with his old pal, Raylan. And who wouldn't want to be friends with Raylan? I know I would.

It may have been small. It may have been subtle. But the eye roll and smirk that Dickie gave Raylan while Carol and Mags were talking business in the country store was just magical. Similarly fantastic was the moment when Coover put away his lollipop to mimic Raylan putting away his badge, just before the two threw down hard core. Sometimes, it's the little things that make it great.

Then again, sometimes it's the big things. There were a couple of things we've been wondering about the Bennetts for a while now...

  1. What is the beef between the Bennetts and the Givens?  We found out that it goes back to the days of prohibition when the Bennetts were running the old moonshine across the state line. Just like any great feud, the Bennetts got information that the Givens tipped off the Feds and decided to start shooting people. I'm kind of glad that the history between these families isn't something specific that happened between the characters we know, but rather their ancestors. It brings more of a folklore feeling to the story of Justified.
  2. What happened to Dickie and why does he have that limp?  adly, my guess that Mags had done it to her own son was wrong. Instead, it happened during a high school baseball game after Dickie beaned Raylan with a high fastball! I love that it came from something as stupid and juvenile as a baseball brawl. So completely different than how the feud began.  

Once we finally get to the town hall meeting, Carol spoke her mind, and did a rather fine job at explaining why Black Pike will help create more jobs in Bennett and Harlan County. The people seemed to be receiving it well until Mags Bennett got to speak her mind. And boy did she! I don't know about you, but if I were at that meeting, I sure as heck would have been convinced to leave things the way they are.

So, what is the whole point to the battle between Black Pike and the Bennetts? They're both trying to buy up all of the land around the mountain, but we've known for a while now that the Bennetts have had a bigger, evil plan in the makings.

It seems Boyd has known they were up to something, as well, and by the end of the episode he figured out what that was. We still don't know, but I'm sure some of it will come out when Boyd, Ava, Raylan, and Carol crash the Bennetts party. 

The Spoil Review

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