Off the Map Review: "It's a Leaf"

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A baby, a cursed mine, a gas explosion, and a drunken fling. Thanks to all of the above, this week's Off The Map was a fun, fast paced ride.

"It's a Leaf" was Mateo's defense to Lily when she found out he was farming the cocoa leaf for cocaine. Oh, and that leaf is used to treat altitude sickness and make herbal tea.

At least Lily called him on the bullsh!t. "That's where you make your profits? The herbal tea business." He played it off as though it was just the family business.

Yes, the family business that got him shot and had the local police questioning Lily. 

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At the end Mateo gave her some smooth talk about love not being perfect or easy and how she's worth the risk. Thankfully Lily walked away but in my opinion she should have run. Mateo's handsome and charming and nothing but trouble. 

Otis getting blinded by the gas explosion in the gold mine should have been a great segue for getting him back together with Zee but I thought he blew it.

She had tears streaming down her face because she was worried and moved by his words and then he laughed at her? Not the best way to get her to trust you.

The upside was that he made it clear he still cared about her and wanted another chance. We'll see next week if she decides to give it to him.

As soon as Zee explained what the godmother knife meant in the birthing ritual, I knew Mina was in trouble. Then it all lead to a drunken fling between her and Tommy.

I only wished we had gotten to see the morning after scene for that tryst. I've got my fingers crossed for next week.

I found Tommy punching Dr. Cameron very satisfying. This supposed doctor gave Morris false hope of a cure for ALS, almost killed him with the "treatment," tortured his already stressed out family, and charged him fifty grand for the privilege. I wanted to hit him myself.

When Ryan decided to head to New York to seek a heart transplant I was left with more questions than answers. Was Ben planning on going with her?

How long is he willing to stay away from his beloved clinic and incapacitated wife to be by Ryan's side? And once Ryan leaves, will she ever be healthy enough to return?

Ryan said she hates bagels? Seriously? NYC bagels are the best and don't even get me started on the pizza. Do you think we'll see this jungle duo head to the big city or will this story take a different turn? If the ride is as much fun as tonight's, I'm in.

It's a Leaf Review

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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Lily: It's an illegal drug.
Mateo: It's a leaf.
Lily: That gets made into an illegal drug.

I grew up on Nancy Reagan and just say no.