Being Human Review: A Far-Out And Fitting Season Finale

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What a finale! I daresay so much of this was truly unexpected that I am left wanting more right now. Instead, we will have to wait until next year. I barely know where to begin.

They chose the last episode to show us how Aidan and Josh met, and how closely they came to meeting Sally on the day she died. It's as if they were all meant to be together.

As Aidan hovered near death, Celine knew the only thing that could prepare him to fight Bishop was living blood. She offered herself to bring meaning to her own death and spare Aidan's life.

It was a powerful scene, and gave meaning to what they had together back in the 70s.

When Nora learned Josh had secrets he wouldn't share, she was willing to let him go. Instead she followed him. Her timing was the worst it could have been and, in despair, Josh pushed her out of the room.


I may be alone in this, but my favorite scene of the entire night was when their eyes met under the door. Josh in full werewolf mode, eyes full of emotion for the woman he loved, as she sat helpless on the other side of the door, losing their child.

Their eyes meeting cemented their relationship for me.

Little did I know that when he pushed her, he scratched her. Even knowing what she was to become, Nora expressed that her love for him felt deeper than ever before.

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You" was such an interesting finale. So much was revealed and yet so much remained to unfold in season two.

I questioned last week if Sally would have to go through a new round of atonement to get another door to open. Seems that will be the case. In the meantime, she is more tangible, able to pick items up and turn pages in books.

This could open up a whole new world for her, as well as possibly removing the characters boredom factor.

I really did not see Bishop's death coming. I would have expected him to be around at least until next season, but I don't think he can come back from losing his head and turning to ash. What I will miss the most with this development are their stories from the past. Maybe Mark Pellegrino will return, but only in Aidan's memories. I need more Starsky and Hutch! Weren't we promised a much deeper back story between Aidan and Bishop than we got?

Now that Hegeman has appointed Aidan as the new leader of Boston, perhaps he will stay out of his cocoon for a while and Terry McKinney will stick around. Aidan works better with an elder in his world; I don't think I'm ready for him to be THE man, although him having some power would be an interesting outcome to the events.

Who was the "she" that Hegeman mentioned wanted to meet Aidan since he was made the leader? I don't recall even a fleeting reference to any powerful female. Whoever she is, she is bound to shake things up next season.

There was just so much to this episode. I want to hear your thoughts. Personally, I think I'm in shock. When a season finale leaves you in that position, you know things went well.

What resonated with you? What was your favorite scene? Don't forget to read our Being Human quotes section as well!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You Review

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Being Human Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Celine: If you had your fill of live blood, you'd be healed by now. Drink me.
Aidan: No.
Celine: Don't be a fool. Bishop's coming for you. You can't fight him like this.
Aidan: Celine, I would have to drain you.
Celine: I'd rather die for you than for cancer.
Aidan. I will heal. I just need a little time. And, I need to get home.

Just so you know, it wouldn't have been exactly like beating up a girl.