Pretty Little Liars Season Two Finale Scoop: What Will A Do?

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Pretty Little Liars doesn't even return to ABC Family until June 14. But is it ever too early for scoop on the season two finale? No?

We agree.

In a promotional video sent to us by the hit series, producer Marlene King shared some spoiler-effic news concerning future episodes, a new character - and Ezra without a shirt on.

In Aria's Room

"Season 2 is going to bring to the Ezria fans a shirtless Ezra Fitz," teases King. "There's a new character coming to Rosewood, a character who may discover the identity of 'A' and the season finale is going to be like nothing you've ever seen on the show. During that episode 'A' is going to bring the Pretty Little Liars to their knees."

In other Ezra-related news, we hear he and Aria will take their relationship public this summer. We also hear there's a great place to dish on all these exciting tidbits:

Our Pretty Little Liars forum! We'll meet you there.

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