Survivor Round Table: "A Mystery Package"

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Survivor finally left us excited for next week as all of the Zapateras are gone and the real game can begin.  However, a number of critical decisions were made this week that could have changed the end of the game had they gone the other way.  Our Round Table writers debate.

We'd love to hear our readers take on the situations as well.

Would Andrea have made more sense to send home than Steve?

Kyle Kalember: Quite possibly.  Now the six will go at each other but Steve might have been more valuable as a swing vote you can bring along until you cut him lose in the final four or something of that nature.  However, it does seem like everyone was on board with Andrea going next so it could turn out to be an incredibly easy vote.

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Dan Forcella: Does it really matter at this point?  They're both on their way out the door.

Jane Murray: I don't think so. If Steve some how managed to keep himself around, he would win the jury vote. No questions asked. Rob can deal with Andrea later, in fact, it's even better that Grant wanted her gone too. Maybe Rob will make Grant public enemy #2!

Luke Dwyer: If the rationale behind getting rid of Andrea is fear of Matt coming back, Steve had to be the one to go.  He's got two players who could come back and instantly team with him: Ralph and Mike.

Boston Rob's domination of the game: impressive or boring?

Kyle:Both.  I lean more on the impressive side.  What if the Zapatera had been halfway intelligent and had not thrown the third challenge of the game to get rid of Russell?  We might not be talking about Rob's domination right now if it weren't for that idiotic move.   His control within his tribe though has been outstanding to watch.

Dan: Can't it be both?  He certainly has been impressive, and his domination might be boring, but Phillip certainly makes up for that boredom with all of his antics.

Jane: Impressive. They need more individual interviews with him because he is hysterical!  I'm very interested to see how he'll work things out with the final six.

Luke: It may be boring television and boring for the game, but if it means we get more of Boston Rob's one liners and hilarious interviews, I'm all for boring Boston Rob.  His quips have been the best part of this season.  Who will forget the volcano interview?

Would it have made sense for the girls to go with Steve's plans to oust Boston Rob?

Kyle: It certainly could have guaranteed the final three and would have gotten rid of Rob's idol.  Could have been a big, big move.  It will probably turn out to be bigger for Andrea and Ashley, both seem to be on the other side of Rob's alliance plans.  Natalie should be in a better spot.  I'm guessing Ashley regrets it.

Dan: It's all about measuring risk at this point, and figuring out what the percentage is of Rob taking you to the end.  If the girls think they are the one that will be at the end with him, they probably made the right move.  Unfortunately for them, only one can make it to the end with Rob and Phillip.

Ralph Talks to the Girls

Jane: Rob looks like he has a clear shot to win the game, so definitely. He is definitely taking Phillip with him to the end.  Natalie and Ashley won't leave him now and Grant may be too much of a physical threat.

Luke: Yes, but that's easier said than done.  Each was afraid that if they said they'd do it, the other would run to Boston Rob, spill the beans and they'd be sent home.  That's the immense level of loyalty and fear Boston Rob has from his tribe.

Do you miss reward challenges?

Kyle:I honestly do.  I know that we get to see more with only one challenge to fit into an hour time slot, but the individual rewards were sometimes the best challenges.  I also miss the Survivor car curse which goes along with that.

Dan: Absolutely.  Before this season, I enjoyed complaining when half of the time we got screwed out of reward challenges for more chatter around camp, but with all the Redemption Island duels it is hard to blame them for getting rid of the reward challenges.

Jane: They are always fun and we miss out on the strategy and subsequent drama of players considering who to bring with them.

Luke: The best part about the reward challenges was the social impact that happened when the winners were forced to choose.  We've been robbed of that this season for the boring Redemption Island challenges.  Rob couldn't have picked a better season for his Robfather plan.

Provide a quick guess on how the alliance of six whittles itself to the final three.

Kyle: I think Andrea and Ashley go first and then Rob stabs Grant in the back to take Philip and Natalie - both beatable - into the final three.

Rob, Grant and Ashley Chat

Dan: Tough to dissect without taking individual immunities into account, but I'd say Andrea goes, then Ashley, then Grant wins immunity and gets Phillip to help him oust Rob before the end.  That is both wishful thinking, and not taking into account whoever comes back from Redemption Island.  And if it is Matt, things could get even more tricky.

Jane: They will vote out Andrea first, then Grant will dominate the remaining physical challenges to secure a top spot. Grant and Rob will take Phillip to the end and battle it out for the $1,000,000.

Luke: Here's a bold prediction - the winner of next week's duel/trial is coming back to the game and Matt will be the one coming back.  That sends Boston Rob scrambling and forces him to use his idol.  When his former tribe mates realize he's been hiding it form them, they oust him the subsequent tribal council.  Phillip goes next and Matt, Grant and Andrea go to the finals.

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