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The racially tense tribal council from last week between Steve and Phillip leads to a kiss-and-make-up session back at camp afterward.  Steve does his best to try and bury the hatchet, but Phillip does not believe he’s being genuine.  

Over at Redemption Island, Matt is beginning to break down from having spent so much time there and not in the game.  Nevertheless, Matt defeats both Mike and Julie at the challenge, a game of Survivor shuffleboard, to stay in the game.  Mike follows Matt’s lead, stays alive and Julie is sent home.

The next day the remaining eight members of the Murlonio tribe face off in an immunity/reward challenge.  Randomly divided, the remaining members are paired off and put on a rolling log with the person who stays on the longest advancing.  Grant and Ralph easily advance to the finals where Grant outlasts Ralph for his second immunity win.  

In addition, Grant wins a two minute gorge-fest on a large chocolate cake with two people he selects.  Boston Rob is an easy choice, but Grant struggles with his second person, finally settling on Andrea.  Despite appearing conflicted, Grant’s rationale was trying to keep Andrea comfortable in case she needs to be blindsided.

Prior to tribal council, Steve and Ralph try to appeal to Natalie, Andrea and Ashley to blindside Boston Rob with them, but the girls do not bite.  Immediately after Ralph is sent home, Jeff informs the remaining seven that they’re going straight in to another immunity challenge.  The Ometepe six are prepared, however, voting Steve out after Boston Rob wins the unexpected immunity challenge.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 11 Quotes

[Phillip] has to have known what an ass he made of himself.


There's no prejudice in my crazy comment. I just thought you were crazy.