Bones Burning Question: Where Was the Love Scene?!

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Why didn't they show it?!

That's what many Bones fans are asking regarding the scene that wasn't. With viewers unsure if Booth and Brennan even hooked up, the Season 6 finale's ending, in which she revealed her pregnancy, came absolutely out of nowhere ... which was the point.

But, here's a conspiracy theory for you ...

Our Beloved B-Squared

More than a few fans have suggested, in the aftermath of the season finale, that Brennan may have gottem pregnant by using Booth's donated specimen instead?

That would be an interesting twist, but had she done that, Booth likely wouldn't have been beaming at the news - he likely would've been as stunned as we were.

While he got a kick out of the idea, executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TV Guide that he was more concerned with feelings than conspiracies.

"Whether or not we see them jumping around in the sack did not seem as important as the emotional acceptance of who they were to each other," Nathan says.

"[The pregnancy] cements their relationship and forces them to accept the fact that they are a couple, in love and that they will be moving forward together."

Do you like the way it was handled? How do you predict Brennan's pregnancy will shape the seventh season of the show next fall? Leave a comment to discuss!

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