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There certainly was a hole in my heart after this week's very emotional episode, which marked the return of Jacob Broadsky. "The Hole in the Heart" made for quite the heartbreaking and intense hour, touching on each of the key characters.

The long awaited return of Broadsky and the end to this story arc was intensified by his almost unpredictable pursuit of Booth. In those few moments preceding the inevitable shooting of one of the characters, I could barely hold my composure, even though my gut feeling said it was Nigel Murray who would end up in the cross-hairs. Even when it happened, I remained completely shocked and saddened.

Booth Investigates

It was an exceptionally emotional scene for both Booth and Brennan, who attempted to save him without success.

I was blown away by Brennan's insistence that he was her favorite intern, which, even if she was only saying that to keep him coherent and conscious, still depicted her in the most human light we've had the pleasure of seeing her in for quite a while. Both in the moment when the shot was fired, and in the moments following the thought of how the bullet was meant for Booth, was a concept not far from their minds. Booth certainly entertained the the possibility.

It was a rather difficult loss for everyone, appropriately so. Murray has been around for several seasons and seems to be one of the favorite squinterns. His wealth of facts will be missed as much by the fans as they will be to the Jeffersonian team, who couldn't help but call on them in his memory.

The rendition of "Lime in the Coconut" was an appropriate way for the team to say goodbye to Vincent, as the song certainly fit his personality. While I will be said to see him go, the one thing out of this that will stick with me for quite a while was his plea to stay. The distant look in his eyes was heart wrenching as he begged to not be made to leave. I was on the verge of tears, I'll admit.

This plea weighed heavily on Brennan, a thought which she presented to Booth in the wee hours of the morning. As she shed tears for Vincent, thinking that Vincent was speaking directly to her, Booth's assurances that he was talking to God or the universe broke the barrier between what's logical and what isn't.

Brennan's vulnerability in stating that "if there is a God he would have let Vincent stay with us" broke the boundary between what could rationally be explained and what couldn't and her inability to reconcile the two. It was a very powerful moment, only enhanced by Brennan's plea to stay with Booth to cry into his chest, allowing him to attempt to comfort her.

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Furthermore, we never really did get a definitive answer as to whether or not Brennan and Booth did the deed. But Brennan's small smile and Angela's overjoyed reaction seems to indicate that it very well may have happened. I think that they just comforted one another and that was it, though clearly their vulnerability made for a deeper connection.

This week's episode had a lot of powerful emotions to present. Next week, however, it seems that the season will end on a much lighter note, bowling alley and mullets included. It will certainly be less emotionally charged. But I still may not be over this by then.

Will you still be reeling from the Jeffersonian loss, or will you be ready for the undercover bowling couple and the return of Max Keenan? Sound off below!

The Hole in the Heart Review

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