The Big Bang Theory Season Finale Review: "The Roommate Transmogrification"

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The Big Bang Theory ended it fourth season with a cosmic boom. Where does "The Roommate Transmogrification" leave our nerdy guys and their girls for the fall?

Every relationship is up in the air, except for the oddly perfect-for-each-other Sheldon and Amy.

I found the installment and each of the stories to be hilarious and/or to propel the characters forward. Overall, as a season finale, it gave me the laughs I expect and left me sitting in anticipation for the show to return in September.

I'm not sure you can ask for more from a finale. Over the last half of the season, the writers were able to find a nice balance for the new, enlarged ensemble cast.

New Roomies

I try to stay spoiler free, but I read a comment on a previous post of mine about Raj moving in with Sheldon. Initially, I couldn't think of a way that I would enjoy that idea, but they pulled it off.

I wasn't expecting the pairing of Sheldon and Raj to be that funny. But Raj's desire to be liked and to fit in and Sheldon's need for rules led to them complementing each other quite well. I wouldn't mind them staying roommates for a while.

Perhaps, next season, Leonard can rebound right into Penny's apartment!

While the roommate swapping was happening, two relationships were troubled. Howard was again reminded that he didn't have his PhD. That ego-crushing wasn't even the worst of it for him, as he also had to deal with her making much more money.

It was painful to watch, but I think they will ultimately work it out. Maybe Howard will decide it is time to get a PhD or just get over it. While I felt bad for him, the ribbing at the Cheesecake Factory was pretty funny. I mean, Penny - a waitress - even got in on it!

Penny, oh, Penny. Did they or didn't they, that is the real Shakespearean question of the episode. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this. At first, I thought it was pretty funny, but now, I think it is just sad.

Penny revealed her true feelings for Leonard, but then ended up in bed with Raj. And poor Raj couldn't even talk to her in the morning. I'm going to wait until the show returns and I can see how it all plays out before I decide if I like this new entanglement or not.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this season, in particular, the growth of our nerdy friends and the addition of Bernadette, Amy and even Priya to the mix. These relationships were brought to a perfect, somewhat cliffhanging, spot in the finale.

Comment on the finale below and browse some of the best Big Bang Theory quotes from the episode here. Lastly, be honest: how many of you tried to give yourself a massage? I know you did!

The Roommate Transmogrification Review

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