Teen Wolf Review: "Pack Mentality"

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The first couple episodes of Teen Wolf were focused on Scott McCall figuring out how to handle his newfound ability and identity.

But "Pack Mentality" finally pointed the story in a direction worth following. The final discussion between Scott and Derek Hale - regarding what truly happened when the teen wolf was bitten in the premiere - made the future of the season much more interesting.

So Derek did not actually bite Scot... it was the Alpha Dog! It makes much more sense to give Scott a mentor rather than an enemy in Derek. Now the two of them can battle whoever this alpha werewolf is together, and Derek can help the kid learn how to control himself along the way.

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Derek is easily the most interesting character on the show, and it is not only because Tyler Hoechlin is so easy on the eyes. This guy is dark and mysterious in ways that Scott could only dream of being. He has complete control over his wolf-ing, he stares people down with the best of them, and he will kill you in your hospital bed if you don't do as he asks.

Meanwhile... finally! We had a wolf-man on wolf-man battle as Scott and Derek dueled it out before the former learned about the truth from the latter in the aforementioned untimely conversation. I loved how calmly Mr. Hale turned from normal human to werewolf. And, yes, I loved watching these two creatures battle it out, especially Derek's choke slam. He must have learned that from The Undertaker.

The episode left things in an intriguing spot, but it took while to get there. It would have been way too soon for another person to find out that Scott is a wolf, so when he turned into the wolf on the bus with Allison, it made me angry. After finding out that some of what happened that night was a dream, it made things better, but I'm still not happy that they made me feel so sad for Allison.

I am also not convinced that she is completely innocent in all of this. With a father as involved as Mr. Argent is in all of this werewolf business, Allison has to know something, or be involved with supernaturals in one way or another. I would not be surprised to find out that there is more than meets the eye with her by the end of the season.

Elsewhere, other than the awkward night of bowling, which I'll get to in a second, Stiles had most of the comedic moments of the night. Between getting all upset that the gay guy in their group doesn't find him attractive, and his comparisons to Batman and Robin when searching the destroyed bus, Stiles brought the show back to Earth on many occasions.

But, yes, there was also bowling. Jackson and Lydia are both absolute caricatures of themselves. Still, it works. He is the pompous bully that wants nothing but to ruin Scott's life, while she is the popular prissy that wants whoever the best dude in school is at the time. Pretty familiar tropes on television and in the movies, but severely exaggerated in this case.

Either way, I enjoy watching both of those characters, and loved them in this awkward bowling scene. As much as I enjoyed Allison telling Scott to think of her naked? Not so much.

So, as Teen Wolf takes a new turn in its long-running plot of the season, I have become more interested. Will you be sticking around to see what Derek Hale has planned for Scott? And what did you think of "Pack Mentality?"

Pack Mentality Review

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