Archer Cast at Comic-Con: A Press Room Photo Diary

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At Comic-Con yesterday, I had the honor of sitting down with Archer's creator, Adam Reed, and his cast of amazing voice actors. Up first, as seen below? Chris Parnell, who cracked me up with his story about wanting to dress as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones for the event.

Chris Parnell Picture

The voice of Cyril Figgis and perhaps the most hilarious character on 30 Rock, Dr. Spaceman, Parnell was one of the nicest, most laid back guys on the planet. He didn't have a lot to reveal about his character's role in season three, but he shared some fun facts about himself, such as his interest in remote control helicopters.

Shortly after, Amber Nash, the voice of Pam, sat down to join us. The actress revealed a great deal about the voice acting process and Reed's involvement. Her hopes for season three? To go further into Pam's past, including some time in prison. Maybe that's where she got her sweet ink?

The unbelievably gorgeous and hilarious Aisha Tyler came next. She was right at home at Comic-Con, sharing her love of video games and her lack of actual man hands in real life.

Aisha Tyler Picture

After my crush departed the star himself, H. Jon Benjamin, sat down. The voice of Sterling was hilariously self-deprecating as he talked about his show and revealed who he thought to be the worst person on the series: his mother.

H. Jon Benjamin Picture

To conclude the press room, Adam Reed and Judy Greer (Cheryl/Carol) joined us for a combo interview. The two hysterically  interviewed each other, discussing Greer's attempts to pitch her own show to networks.

Judy Greer and Adam Reed Picture

Starting next week, when I have time to sit down at my iMac, I'll try and put up some video clips and more details from the cast and crew. Stay tuned!

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Archer Quotes

Cyril: Why are you so scared of crocodiles?
Archer: Gee, I don't know, Cyril. Maybe deep down I'm afraid of any apex predator that lived through the K-T extinction. Physically unchanged for a hundred million years, because it's the perfect killing machine. A half ton of cold-blooded fury, the bite force of 20,000 Newtons, and stomach acid so strong it can dissolve bones and hoofs.

Lana: Oh, so suddenly you don't have a death wish!
Archer: Lana, I've never had a deathwish, it's just that I don't believe that I personally even can die.