Kaitlin Olson at Comic Con: Get Drunk for New Season!

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Kaitlin Olson recently popped out one of the cutest, funniest kids on the planet (with co-star Rob McElhenney). But she has something else to look forward now, along with great advice for TV Fanatics:

Get drunk for this season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and make it the funniest yet. Watching the episode sober? Probably makes them into dog shit.

Olson also shared with us what it's like to work with four of the funniest men on television, what it's like portraying an "ugly" character and whether or not she's pregnant. No, I swear I didn't ask. We got t:here via some laughs and a few awkward pauses.

Kaitlin went on to tell us about her favorite episode this season, which involves a child beauty pageant. We can't wait to see what the gang can do with that kind of material... especially with a sales pitch as strong as Olson gave this season.

But enough of our intro, we know why you came here: to watch one of the funniest women on the planet do her thing:

Oh, and in much more serious news, did we tell you that Kaitlin Olson is a TV Fanatic?

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