Weeds Review: "From Trauma Cometh Something"

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It can sometimes take a bit to settle into a new Weeds season - the family is in Agrestic, wait, now it's Mexico! Nancy is married to a politician/drug-dealer... oh, no, now she's a maid selling hash!

But, through it all, the characters have remained as enjoyable and entertaining as almost any on television. All of their unique quirks were on display in "From Trauma Cometh Something."

Andy and Shane

I've gotta start with Doug simply because he was still wearing his neck pillow when the gang strolled into that halfway house. I laughed out loud at the look.

I'm not sure what he's up to with that friend, but it will likely involve getting high. I'm also pretty sure his friend let Doug win at racquetball and Doug didn't realize it.

Then there's Andy. The poor sap will hop on a plane on a moment's notice for the woman who has led him on for years. He'll somehow manage to take relatively good care of her children, while remaining a culinary expert (he may really have those cookbook recipes memorized) who remains calm in the presence of all obstacles, even threatening roommates with strange phone sex habits.

Silas and Shane, meanwhile, both want to believe they are their own men. Shane sure talked a good game after he clubbed Pilar with that mallet.

But even the longest sideburns on the planet can't hide the fact that Shane still wants his mother's love, and he was visibly shaken when learning Nancy ditched her family. Silas also thought he could conquer New York with his smooth talk and smooth face - but he was reduced to practically begging when the model rep turned him down, making the sort of earnest, heartfelt plea that may land him a job.

Finally, of course, we have Nancy. The entire ZOYA/grenades storyline feels contrived and inorganic, but I tried to focus on the woman herself this week. Once high, she let loose with all the mistakes she had made and her true feelings on seeing her family again. She's clearly ashamed about it all. But this sort of says everything about Nancy, doesn't it?

She only opened up while talking to a stranger and being on drugs. She also didn't change her behavior in any way.

I'm not sold on any season seven storylines just yet, but I've been fond of these characters since the first time I met them. Even when plots aren't clicking, that affection carries me through an episode.

From Trauma Cometh Something Review

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