Awkward Review: "Over My Dead Body"

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In high school, attention was a drug. Everyone was jonesing for it.

After her social status story came full circle, Jenna could include herself in this group in "Over My Dead Body."

Caught Smooching

So where does Jenna go now? She wanted Matty to publicly acknowledge her and he did. Granted, it was only after she got herself noticed. Speaking of which, Jenna’s twist for the drunk driving skit was fantastic. I’m so glad the power of homoeroticism was able to bring Dead Stacy back to life!

I can’t wait to see what it does to Tamara.

Going back to Matty, I can’t help but wonder how much his reaction to Jenna at the end was due to her scolding him. It was it because she was no longer an outcast? This back and forth with him has gotten a little old, especially when it looks like he might be turning a corner.

Jake was caught in the middle of all. The poor guy was trying everything he could to just finish a sentence, to tell her he “like likes” her, but Jenna cut him off at the knees almost every single time. She admitted to herself that she enjoy whatever it is that she has built up with Jake and yet she was continually hung up on Matty.

I’m all for crushes, I like seeing Matty’s layers peel back, and his brother adds a new twist to things, but Jenna needs to start exploring other options.

I’ve finally begun to enjoy Valerie, as well; the tone she was hitting was perfect. It was just the right amount of awkward and inappropriateness, especially her written notes to Jenna.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Over My Dead Body’s” heavier reliance on physical comedy. The amount of talent and versatility the show has never ceases to amaze.

Other thoughts:

  • I won’t lie I had to Google to find out what Zima is.
  • Lacey’s maiden name is Collins, thanks High Definition!
  • I kind of wish we could witness Tamara’s made up Tammy character in Grease so we could see how she was killed off.

Over My Dead Body Review

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Even homoerotic tension couldn't bring Stacy back to life!