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Larry David will do almost anything with the correct amount of motivation. In "Vow of Silence." he touched Susie's disgusting snot napkin so she wouldn't see the eaten Pinkberry in the garbage, and then embarked on a three-month visit to New York with the sole purpose of missing Tessler's event for challenged children.

Everyone has been waiting to see how LD and the crew were going to make it to the Big Apple in this highly touted "New York Season." How many of you had "Larry's going to just head there in order to miss a commitment?" Well, a good percentage probably, because LD is a pretty big jerk.

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In addition to finally getting the New York part of the season underway, "Vow of Silence" was just as funny as ever.

First. there was the original chat and cut, which Larry so nicely called the woman out for. By the way, only LD can call someone out for such a thing, and then so calmly compliment her on it. Then there was the subsequent phantom chat and cut that the customers at Pinkberry claimed Larry was trying to pull, which forced him directly into Tessler's line of sight. Poor LD.

In typical Curb fashion, they spent a good two to three hilarious minutes of run time on Larry and Jeff fighting about who had eaten more of Oscar's Pinkberry. Of course, that led to them finishing the entire thing, along with Susie's sob fest.

The entire fake conversation that Jeff and Larry were having with the mouthing Vance in order to save their butts was fantastic, especially when Jeff was pretending that Vance was talking about a helicopter ride. Good job, Mr. Greene.

Throw yourself a going away party, and then tell us how you would have dealt with Larry's predicaments this week:

The Vow of Silence
LD's Stance: Vance's vow of silence was ludicrous because he was still mouthing words in an attempt to communicate.
My Perspective: I am not a spiritual man, and I don't know if that will make a difference in this case, but I take Vance's vow for its words. I think he's in the right here. It is a vow of SILENCE. It's not a vow of NO COMMUNICATION. If he wants to incoherently mouth words to people, have it at it, big guy. Just be aware, people are going to make fun of you for it.

The Confirmation
LD's Stance: If you make plans with someone, no confirmation needs to be made in order for both parties to show up to the aforementioned plans.
My Perspective: I am with Larry on this one. Lewis is ridiculous if he needs a confirmation for lunch. If you make plans to have lunch, you go have lunch. If I call to cancel, then you can stay home and not shower, Richard.

Hilariously, the confirmation problem ended up coming back up at the very end of the episode, as Larry's decision to head to New York left Richard alone at the restaurant. What made this final scene work so well was that it was such a minute part of the episode. It was a great callback, but because it was calling back to a short conversation LD and Richard had during the middle of the episode, I definitely didn't see it coming.

As always, here are some of our favorite quotes from "Vow of Silence." Don’t forget to check out all the best one-liners at our Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes page.

Susie: You know what the best thing about going to New York is? I'm not gonna see your face for three months. | permalink
Larry: There's plenty of Pinkberry's. I bet you there's a couple of decent ones near a prison. | permalink
Richard: What the f**k is that? He's like a mime or some s**t? | permalink
Jeff: What do you mean you want a helicopter ride? | permalink
Larry: For a guy who can't talk, he has a pretty big mouth. | permalink

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You see what's going on here? She's doing a chat and cut.


You know what the best thing about going to New York is? I'm not gonna see your face for three months.